Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Ashley Carter had saved herself for Devon Carter, and it was worth it. Now she wants their passion to last in holy matrimony. But her dreams of true love are crushed by the discovery that their marriage is another of Daddy’s business deals. Her strategy: act the part of perfect wife and make Devon love her.

But Devon misses the bubbly, no-holds-barred woman his wife used to be. Who is this Ashley with the steely demeanor of a society wife? And will he find a way to rekindle the fire in her eyes…especially now that she’s pregnant?

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Note: This is book 3 in Maya Bank’s Pregnancy & Passion series. (The titles were shortened at one point for a print/ebook rerelease). While each book covers the entire arc for a single couple – references to events are made as the series goes on that makes these best listened to in order.

This is probably my favorite of the series, I felt like this one was significantly less repetitive than the other ones which helps. Devon agrees to marry Ashley as part of merger with her father’s company. While Devon disagrees with Copeland’s demands and believes that Ashley deserves to know – he still goes along with it when Copeland insists. Banks’ attempts at making Ashley a free spirit and individual personality too often cross over to painting her as annoyingly ignorant and helpless.

Ashley’s attempts at transforming herself into someone Devon could truly love turn her unrecognizable by family and friends. I do feel that Devon did a better job of recognizing his mistakes, but the ending was again abruptly “all is better now!”.

I liked Harry Berkeley’s narration again.

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