I Own the Dawn

It made perfect sense that an angel in her world had the glowing eyes of night vision and stood ready to unleash hellfire from his hands.

M.L. Buchman
I Own the Dawn


Note: The series was originally launched in 2002 with a traditional publisher. In 2021, the rights reverted back to Buchman and he began re-releasing them after revisions, edits, proofs, new covers, etc.

Publisher’s Synopsis:
Kee Smith qualified as a helicopter crew chief, a top sniper, and the second woman to ever make the Army’s secret Night Stalkers. When she chooses her copilot as her next target, he doesn’t stand a chance.

His role as helo copilot and top team strategist always fit Archie Stevenson. Until a pint-sized shooter kicked his world sideways.

When a mission gone wrong threatens to start a new war, they must solve it together—if they don’t kill each other first.

Point of view:
3rd person. Mostly from Archie & Kee’s perspectives, but a few from Dilya and other characters as well.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
12/15/2021 – review of updated version. Note: While each book stands on its own and covers a couple’s story completely – these are best read in order. Starting with The Night is Mine.

Kee Smith hits the ground running as the second woman ever to make SOAR. She also does it with a huge chip on her shoulder and after surviving a tough upbringing. Archie is out of his element with her. I loved these two coming together – learning how to communicate. I also like that there’s simultaneously a change/maturity/evolution for Kee, yet she’s still a strong competent operator. Letting down her walls with Archie doesn’t make her a weakened mess. There’s an added twist of rescuing an orphan who completes their unconventional family. Dilya’s experiences are the catalyst for a suspenseful Op.

Again, Buchman writes with a lot of technical details and as much suspense/action/thriller as romance which makes for really great pacing. He doesn’t skimp on the sexy scenes though. Lots to enjoy here. I’ve read this series multiple times and enjoy it each time through.

About the author:
Bestselling author M.L. Buchman started the first of over 70 novels and 100 short stories (along with an ever-growing pile of audiobooks narrated by the author) while flying from South Korea to ride across the Australian Outback. All part of an around-the-world bicycle trip (a mid-life crisis on wheels) that ultimately launched his writing career. His true loves are military romantic suspense and political technothrillers; with contemporary romance, fantasy, and SF all vying for third place.

M. L. has designed and built houses, flown and jumped out of airplanes, and consulted to the Fortune 100. He is constantly amazed at what can be done with a degree in geophysics.

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My Favorite Quotes

It couldn’t happen of course, he was an officer and she an enlisted. That was naught but a quick road to a court martial. – I Own the Dawn by @mlbuchman #NightStalkers #RomanticSuspense #Pilot #Thriller

it made perfect sense that an angel in her world had the glowing eyes of night vision and stood ready to unleash hellfire from his hands. – I Own the Dawn by @mlbuchman #NightStalkers #RomanticSuspense #Pilot #Thriller

Somehow he created a safe place for her where that stupid heart out on her sleeve kept showing itself – I Own the Dawn by @mlbuchman #NightStalkers #RomanticSuspense #Pilot #Thriller

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