Whispers in the Dark

Audiobook – Updated on 3/28/2023 as I didn’t write a review the first time.

Publisher’s Synopsis:
When Nathan Kelly is finally rescued from behind enemy lines, he credits his life to Shea, whose psychic voice sustained his spirit through it all. But now Shea has gone silent, and Nathan fears she’s in trouble. Can he find Shea in time to repay the tremendous debt he owes her?

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I remember binging this series 5+ years ago and loving it at that time. Either my tastes have changed or maybe it’s that since I’ve now read most of the series – the PNR element isn’t as impressive.

As the fourth book, flipping to telepathy and supernatural healing seems kind of cool. But it continues to the future books and becomes an overused Deus ex machina for every hurdle KGI faces.

In this case – Nathan is a POW and Shay “finds” him telepathically. She keeps him company and ultimately directs his brothers to his location for rescue. Then Shay is captured, and escapes, captured, and escapes, captured and finally rescued.

One of the escapes – she and Nathan are on the run which is probably my fav part of the book. Both from a romantic suspense aspect as well as them having time to get to really know each other.

The biggest issue I have also continues throughout the series. Banks is so repetitive. Characters have the same conversations again and again. Plus, there’s a rehash events in their internal monologues. And there’s this thing where an MC kind of “checks out” and everyone sits around waiting for them to come around. (It happens with Nathan in the first half, Shay in the second, and again in Brighter Than the Sun). It feels like she was after a word count and it sacrifices the pacing. This book could have shaved 1-2 hours and still been just as good, if not better.

Harry Berkeley is a good fit for the characters and Bank’s writing. I enjoy listening to him.

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