Free Fall

This wasn’t the first time the big, gregarious SEAL risked his own life for a teammate.

Suzanne Brockmann
Free Fall

ebook & Audiobook

While the ebook, esp bundled with the others is a good deal, the price point for an under 90min audio is disappointing.

Publisher’s Synopsis:
What should be an easy HAHO training jump for SEAL Team Sixteen goes wrong, forcing Izzy Zanella to do what he does best: Improvise.  At thirty thousand feet. 

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives by several characters. Always clearly defined.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Note: Free Fall is the first of a trilogy of Troubleshooters shorts and novellas that continues with Home Fire Inferno and Ready to Roll. Additionally, these are probably best read after Into the Fire, Hot Pursuit, & Breaking the Rules (which are the main books for Izzy & Eden and Danny & Jen).

It’s a fun story. A great way to catch up on the Gillman/Zanella clan, Tony & Adam, and a little on a few others. Combined with Home Fire Inferno it’s a solid entry into the Troubleshooters series.

Patrick Lawlor & Melanie Ewbank are great. I do wish Ewbank’s Izzy sounded less like her voice for Sam in previous books, but it was still enjoyable.

About the author:
After childhood plans to become the captain of a starship didn’t pan out, Suzanne Brockmann took her fascination with military history, her respect for the men and women who serve, her reverence for diversity, and her love of storytelling, and explored brave new worlds as a bestselling romance author. Over the past twenty-five years she has written more than fifty-five novels, including her award-winning Troubleshooters series about Navy SEAL heroes and the women—and sometimes men—who win their hearts.

You can connect with Suzanne Brockmann here: (Rellim’s note: She’s most active on Twitter.)

About the narrators:
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This wasn’t the first time the big, gregarious SEAL risked his own life for a teammate. – Free Fall @SuzBrockmann #Audiobook narrated by @PLawlorAudio @EwbankMelanie #Troubleshooters #SEALs #RomanticSuspense #ShortStory

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