Relax, Princess Peach. No one’s raiding your castle.

Elizabeth Dyer

Audible. At the time of this review you can read & listen via Kindle Unlimited. The book is $3.99 & you can add the audio for $1.99 – so still less than a credit. I originally listened via KU, but enjoyed it so much I opted to buy it and it’s a book I’ve listened to several times.

Publisher’s Synopsis:
When ex-marine Georgia Bennett left the military for high-end private security, it was supposed to soften her snarky attitude. Instead, her short fuse just earned her a punishment of an assignment: protect smart-ass tech genius and Department of Defense contractor Parker Livingston. It should have been easy – only no one warned Georgia that Parker was one seriously drop-dead-gorgeous geek.

The last thing Parker needs is a bodyguard, especially not one with killer curves and a sassy mouth who tempts him to do something incredibly stupid. He’s too busy investigating whoever is turning his technology against him and threatening his team of covert operatives. But when an assassin sends Georgia and Parker running for their lives, it might just be the explosive sexual chemistry and the trust that’s building between them that saves their necks. Because the only thing more dangerous than the combination of Parker’s intellect and Georgia’s aim is their steadfast desire to protect each other, no matter the cost.

Point of view:
3rd Person. Alternating perspectives by chapter.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
It’s not all that often that I find myself enjoying a story even more after repeated reading & listening (I tend to pick it apart more), but I think there’s so many layers to this that I’ve found little tidbits I missed the first time around.

While this is insta-love (my pet peeve), Georgia & Parker spend so much time getting to know each other that it feels like a lengthy relationship packed into mere days. And not just the smoking hot sex (which is fantastic!). They talk & talk & talk ~ but in a meaningful way, not just an info-dump.

I love the mystery & suspense as well as the action scenes. Dyer has built an amazing and intriguing world here. Even after multiple listens I’m gripped every time.

Aiden Snow’s narration is spot on (and I usually prefer dual narrators when a book is dual POV). It brings it up another level.

Content Warnings (possible spoilers):
Death of a sibling. Georgia was abused as a child and has PTS.

My Favorite Quotes

Relax, Princess Peach. No one’s raiding your castle. – Defenseless by @lizdyerwrites #Audiobook narrated by @AidenSnowVoice #RomanticSuspense #GeekGuy #StrongWoman

We had a rough day, considered ice cream but, given the weather, opted for sex against the wall. – Defenseless by @lizdyerwrites #Audiobook narrated by @AidenSnowVoice #RomanticSuspense #GeekGuy #StrongWoman

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