Just so you know, I practice Spanish watching Dora the Explorer and playing GTA, so I know how to say backpack, whore, and weed. I hope you’re impressed.

Camilla Monk

ebook & audiobook.

Publisher’s Synopsis:
Island Chaptal—nerdy IT engineer by day, romance novel junkie by night—just walked into her messy New York apartment to find Mr. Right waiting for her. No, wait…Mr. Clean.

A gentleman professional killer with a bad case of OCD and zero tolerance for unsorted laundry, March wants the diamond her late mother stole for a sinister criminal organization. Island agrees to help him find it, facing the kind of adversaries who dismember first and ask questions later. Good thing she’s got March to show her the ropes. And the guns. And the knives.

The buttoned-up Island is soon having a blast racing from Paris to Tokyo following the clues in her mother’s will, and for the first time, she’s ready to get close to someone. For real. And it could be the tropiest, cheesiest romance ever between her and a brooding hero with impeccable manners and sexy chest hair, if only the bullets would stop raining, dammit.

Point of view:
1st Person. Entirely from Island’s perspective.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Camilla Monk has a totally unique and endearing sense of humor. I couldn’t help but embrace the ridiculousness that is Island Chaptal and her captor/protector March. Also, despite this being over-the-top it’s also strangely relatable. Entirely from Island’s POV – we join her on trying to survive her central but oblivious role in an ongoing mission to recover a diamond her deceased mother hid years ago. March plays the experienced yet OCD ridden assassin. (Think Monk, but with guns.)

Heads up: This is somewhat a cliffhanger in that there is a complete and enjoyable story here, but there are definitely more adventures to come and the book ends on a bit of a dun, dun, duuunnn…

Update 4/12/2020: I read this via KU a few years ago and adored it so much that when it left KU, I purchased it. Then I found it on audio. Adding Amy McFadden’s narration to the mix makes it even better. She provides a full cast of characters from a variety of countries with discernible and consistent voices. Additionally, McFadden also gives each “outtake” from faux romance novels that serve as the intro to every chapter their own unique delivery.

Trigger Warnings (possible spoilers):
There’s some shoot outs, gun shot wounds, peril, and other action/mystery topics. Nothing too gory.

My Favorite Quotes

Just so you know, I practice Spanish watching Dora the Explorer and playing GTA, so I know how to say backpack, whore, and weed. I hope you’re impressed. -Spotless by @Camilla_Monk, narrated by @amymcnarrator #Comedy #RomanticSuspense #Mystery

It’s okay . . . I’m getting special treatment. I don’t go in the trunk. -Spotless by @Camilla_Monk, narrated by @amymcnarrator #Comedy #RomanticSuspense #Mystery

I felt myself melt a little at the thought that even with his badass bulletproof jackets, March still managed to dress with a flair that rivaled only my grandpa’s. -Spotless by @Camilla_Monk, narrated by @amymcnarrator #Comedy #RomanticSuspense #Mystery

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