Pack Enforcer

She was the one for him. Her genes called out to his, she was his ideal mate, end of story.

Lauren Dane
Pack Enforcer


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Nina Reyes knows trouble when she sees it, and Lex Warden, Enforcer for the local werewolf pack, is nothing but. When her brother gets in too deep with some dangerous wolves and comes to Nina for help—dragging super alpha protector Lex into her life—she can handle it. She might have put her grifter past behind her, but she’s still got what it takes. If only she didn’t find Lex—his body, his scent, even his domineering nature—so intoxicating. 

As Enforcer, it’s Lex’s job to protect his people. Nina might be more capable of handling herself than he initially thought, but that doesn’t mean she’s safe from their enemies. His need to protect her is more than just pack business—Nina, a human, is his mate. Bedding her once is not even close to enough; to satisfy his wolf, he needs a true bond.  
The heat between them scares Nina, but sometimes the reward is worth the risk, and the thought of living without Lex terrifies her more than any threat the werewolf mafia can pose. Lex will do anything to keep her safe. And when the Rogues catch up to them, he’ll get a chance to prove it… 

Point of view:
3rd. Alternating perspectives. Not always consistently defined. Perspectives sometimes change mid-paragraph which can get confusing.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
These are not standalones, see below for reading order of the series.

First full book in the Cascadia Wolves series. This was so much better than the prequel novella. It’s still very heavy on the sex, but there’s a much more compelling storyline here – as well as some mystery/suspense going on. Nina is a strong, intelligent, competent, successful woman. Lex is her equal in so many ways. They’re also both stubborn and single minded – but it’s never in an intentionally asshole-ish way, which makes for a lot of funny and compelling situations.

Dane does “fated mates” well here – in that yes, there’s an instant and mystical attraction, but she also lets the reader know that Lex & Nina belong & work well together beyond any paranormal voodoo.

There’s this whole tri-bond thing where the newly claimed female has to have sex with another guy in the pack in order to protect her from going crazy. At first it seems like a flimsy excuse to introduce ménages as a part of every storyline – but Dane establishes a pretty solid foundation for the “requirement” and I was surprised to find that it does create some interesting angst in this & future books.

Dane introduces us to a lot more members of the pack and I’m definitely looking forward to their stories.

Goodreads Note:
This series was originally released with different titles and numbering order. As of this review (May 2020), Goodreads still notes the older versions and numbers.

e#Goodreads Title#
Reluctant Mate1Reluctant.5
Pack Enforcer2Enforcer1
Wolves’ Triad3Tri Mates2
Wolf Unbound4Wolf Unbound3
Alpha’s Challenge5Standoff4
Bonded Pair6Fated5
Twice Bitten7Unconditional6

Note about connected series:
Cascadia Wolves has characters that crossover into other series. You can find out more about timeline/reading order on Lauren Dane’s website.

My Favorite Quotes

She was the one for him. Her genes called out to his, she was his ideal mate, end of story. – Pack Enforcer @laurendane #Shifters

Mate or not, the woman was a pain in the ass. – Pack Enforcer @laurendane #Shifters

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