BFF: Best Friend’s Father

It surprises me that someone like him would desire me, and I feel lucky that’s the case.

Devon McCormack
BFF: Best Friend’s Father

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Publisher’s Synopsis:
A beach vacay with my best bud since college seems like the perfect opportunity to relax, catch some rays, and enjoy a couple of nights on the town. When I find a girl who’s eager to mess around with me, I figure I’ve got it made.

Then I meet the intense, hot-as-hell, tattooed Eric Westright, who wrecks my world…in the best possible way.

He awakens something within me-something that’s always been here, but that’s never pulled so powerfully…not until I looked into those solemn blue eyes and felt the red-hot spark of his touch.

There’s something about this chemistry that’s so intoxicating, and the more I get to know him, the harder it becomes for me to resist these impulses that overtake me-that leave me wanting him to show me what it feels like to have a man inside me.

I know he’s fighting too. It’s so wrong, but every kiss, every caress, every stroke feels so right. We shouldn’t act on these urges, but we can’t help ourselves.

First he claims my body, then he claims my heart.

And before I know it, I’m in too deep with my best friend’s father…

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating perspectives by chapter.

Rellim’s thoughts:
Cliffhanger. This is one of those single stories broken into three books. For the length of each, that doesn’t seem too bad – but the writing feels a little bloated and repetitive at times. Since I have KU – I have no problem binging the series, but I’m not sure I would have been happy if I’d paid full price. I’m holding out that maybe someday the audios will be bundled into a box set because YES PLEASE on Michael Dean gracing us as Eric & Jesse, I’m just not willing to spend 3 credits on it.

I don’t normally start out with trigger warnings because they can be spoilery – but here’s the deal. Eric’s history is a BIG PART of this book. He’s a sexual assault survivor dealing with PTS and Jesse is learning how to navigate that as his sexual partner. There’s no skimming over this in this book. What I have to say is that I’m SUPER impressed with the way that McCormack handled it. How authentic it feels without being overly graphic, which is a fine line.

I’m a big fan of Age Gap, so to me the “taboo” comes from deciding to start a relationship with your son’s best friend. Jesse is best friends with Eric’s son. This is where things drag and the internal monologue and even some of the convos get repetitive. Basically, this whole book is a lot of sex and them deciding to make it a real relationship – then boom, please see book 2. 

About the author:
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It surprises me that someone like him would desire me, and I feel lucky that’s the case. – BFF by @devon_mccormack #MM #Romance #AgeGap #Taboo

But once again, life’s reminded me that as delicious as it can be, in a moment, it can rip those very things right from you. – BFF by @devon_mccormack #MM #Romance #AgeGap #Taboo

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