Unsuitable Omega


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Being the alpha first son comes with expectations: 

  • Marry the right omega.
  • Have the next generation of blue-blooded children. 

Marriage is a merger, and happiness is definitely not a requirement. Nickolas is ready to do his duty until an omega walks into his life making him want things he never thought possible.

Nickolas shouldn’t want him; he’s not from their world. He’s not part of the plan. But Jai is the opposite of what he’s used to. Sweet. Kind. And for the first time, he’s met someone that doesn’t seem to care about his bank account. 

Falling for Jai was easy. But can he hold on to his future with his past invading his present?

Rellim’s Thoughts:
It was hard for me to rate because it wasn’t awful, but it didn’t even feel like a 3 star read. It was short & fluffy ~ but it was incredibly repetitive for such a short book. This made the characters one dimensional. There wasn’t a lot of world building and the only things we’re told about secondary characters are just obvious set-ups for future books in the series.

Nickolas is engaged for a “marriage of convenience” and in the opening chapter the author describes the “terms” of this marriage over and over but with little difference in the explanation each time. The same with describing the fiancé, Asa. The same in describing Nik’s brother.

Then we meet the Omega, Jai (short for Jaime) and again his youth, personality, and physical description are repeated.

Then conversations between the characters were also repetitive. For example: I’m big on consent and checking in with a sexual partner. But “are you sure?” five times is neither sexy nor interesting in a story. Later Nickolas and Jai fight and it is basically the same argument and reply back and forth 6 or 7 times.

Frankly, I found myself skimming. A lot. I did manage to finish and the ending was sweet, but abrupt. I won’t be reading on.

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