The Electricity Fairy

I suppose I am the only person who is known as a dancer but who has a personal preference for Science.

Alex Mar
The Electricity Fairy

Audiobook, included borrow via Amazon Prime.

9/27/2020: It has been added to Audible Plus catalogue.

Publisher’s Synopsis:
The inspiring true story of Loïe Fuller, a radical nineteenth-century art nouveau icon who turned artificial light into performance art and became the incandescent inventor of modern dance.

In a new era lit by Edison bulbs, Loïe Fuller was the quicksilver that connected scientific and artistic inspiration. In a flurry of shifting lights and serpentine spins, she inspired the earliest films of Georges Méliès and held Jean Cocteau spellbound. She even sought out the Curies for a radioactive showstopper. In this transportive and hypnotic historical narrative, the uninhibited Folies Bergère superstar la fée lumière is finally restored to her shimmering, glorious place in modern history.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
At just under an hour this short story is included as an Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, or Audible Plus membership benefit. These make great lunch break (or while folding laundry) listens. Here’s a full listing of Amazon Original Stories if you’re interested in more of these shorts.

I’m a fan of Amy McFadden and she’s a great choice to narrate this delightful story showcasing the intersection of science & entertainment in the early 1900’s.

Obviously, at a mere hour, this isn’t a comprehensive biography, but a glimpse into part of the life of Loïe Fuller. She was not only a performer, but an innovator and inventor. For the length, it was well done. 

Note: While I listened to the audio, I also “read along” with the ebook. I highly recommend this as there are numerous photographs that add to the experience.

About the author:
Alex Mar is a writer based in her hometown of New York City. Formerly an editor at Rolling Stone, she has been a guest correspondent for CBS, ABC, National Public Radio, and the BBC. She is also the director of the feature-length documentary American Mystic, now streaming on Amazon.

You can connect with Alex Mar here:

About the narrator:
From Amy McFadden’s website: Hi! This part is all about me. Just me. It feels weird to write a bunch of stuff about myself but I don’t like pictures of me so I’ll have to use words instead.

I live in Michigan with my fiancé, Joe Anderson. He makes me laugh so much I never have to do situps. Truthfully, I probably wouldn’t do situps anyway, but hey, it’s still a nice bonus to our love.

I’m an actress now, and I used to be a 2nd grade teacher. I loved that part of my life, but after doing it for a bunch of years, I was ready to move on to the next version of me. They’re not really very different versions-teachers and actresses both reach out and engage people through stories. I’m NOT a morning person, but waking up to tell stories makes mornings better-than-tolerable.

I love books and the Muppets and smart people and kind people (not necessarily in that order) and sleeping and chocolate and coffee and writers and learning and Oreo cookies and a bunch of other stuff-but I’m starting to make myself gag on all this love.

I hate a bunch of stuff, too, but who cares about that junk? It’s probably the same stuff you hate, so I won’t bore you. Except I REALLY hate listening to people eat bananas.

You can connect with Amy McFadden here:

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I suppose I am the only person who is known as a dancer but who has a personal preference for Science. – The Electricity Fairy by @_alex_mar #Audiobook narrated by @amymcnarrator #AmazonOriginal #ShortStory #Biography #History

Through her taut use of color and light—Edison’s mystery, just coming into public use—she becomes la fée lumière, the light fairy. – The Electricity Fairy by @_alex_mar #Audiobook narrated by @amymcnarrator #AmazonOriginal #ShortStory #Biography #History

Her brand of audience hypnosis comes through a reduction of the performance to its core. – The Electricity Fairy by @_alex_mar #Audiobook narrated by @amymcnarrator #AmazonOriginal #ShortStory #Biography #History

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