All In Good Time

In the blink of an eye she’d altered her plans and her life.

M. K. Chester
All In Good Time


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Philadelphian Elizabeth Temple arrives in small Southern Bryeton to teach first grade in 1948, hoping to slide unnoticed into a spinster’s existence, believing she is unfit for any companion. She doesn’t count on falling for Jake Ryan, a WWII veteran tainted by a scandalous divorce, struggling to raise his young son. 

Despite an undeniable chemistry, the road to romance is strewn with roadblocks and detours. Between the very personal secret that has a devastating grip on Elizabeth and Jake’s temperamental soon-to-be-ex-wife, what looks like a sure thing could easily slip away.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This was my first experience with this author and this narrator. I was also stretching my wings a bit and listening to a style & setting outside my norm. I’m happy to say that I enjoyed the experience.

M.K. Chester takes us to the 1940’s where Elizabeth Temple has just arrived in small town Bryeton to become a new school teacher. She quickly befriends Jake, the father of one of her students. Jake is in the process of divorce after he and Charlie were abandoned by Jake’s wife. Small town gossip and meddling only play a small part in the forces bringing Jake & Elizabeth together. I did find that it was a little slow at times and slightly predictable, but overall it was an enjoyable book. I plan to continue the series.

Note: While part of a series, all the Bryeton Books are set in different eras with no overlapping characters or events. These truly stand alone and can be listened to in any order.

Elizabeth Kelly has a lovely and soothing voice, perfect for a small town clean romance. I felt like she gave each character a fairly unique voice and it was so easy to be totally consumed by the story.

While I received a free copy of this audiobook from Story Origin, I purchased Bryeton Books: A Vintage Romance Box Set.

About the author:
M.K. Chester is an RWA award-winning author of historical and contemporary romance, urban fantasy and non-fiction.  M.K. is a native Buckeye who lives in Tennessee. She’s married to a veteran, MoM (Mother of Marine), and a grandmother. She adores her Scottish Terriers and is fighting Multiple Sclerosis.

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In the blink of an eye she’d altered her plans and her life. – All In Good Time @M_K_Chester #Audiobook narrated by Elizabeth Kelly #BryetonBooks #Historical #ClosedDoor #Romance

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