Bootlegger’s Bride

She tried, in one look, to say everything in her heart at the risk of being turned away.
Save me.

M. K. Chester
Bootlegger’s Bride


Publisher’s Synopsis:
A teenaged war widow on a mission. A disillusioned WWI veteran.

As Prohibition begins, Grace Currie searches Bryeton for Aiden Palmer, the man she truly wanted to marry when she was forced to marry another. Seeking cash and excitement running bootleg liquor for an unknown investor, Aiden is jaded and not easily convinced Grace still loves him.

To be together, they will need to learn to trust again, out-maneuver her power-hungry, brother and outrun fast competition. And the clock is ticking.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Short stories/novellas can be quite difficult in that they are often bereft of the kinds of details that fully immerse the reader/listener into the story and it’s world. M.K. Chester suffered no such issues here. I was delighted and intrigued by what she managed to convey in a mere 100 minutes.

This is a lovely second-chance romance set at the dawn of Prohibition. Grace & Aiden have both been transformed by the war and are now seeking to live their lives on their own terms. Grace is a young widow trying to break from her scheming political family while Aiden is eschewing his father’s plans for his future. Chester gives us a beautiful love story along with a little suspense.

Note: While part of a series, all the Bryeton Books are set in different eras with no overlapping characters or events. These truly stand alone and can be listened to in any order.

Update: Chester has added a fourth book to the series, One & Only, which features characters & events somewhat related to those of Bootlegger’s Bride. You’d want to read/listen to this first.

Brenda G Brown is a new-to-me narrator. I loved her accented voice as well as her ability to give each character their own unique sound. While I often find myself speeding up narrators, I almost felt she spoke a little too fast. There were also times where the chapter came across as one long run-on sentence. This caused changes in POV or time/location to be abrupt. She wasn’t terrible and it wouldn’t keep me from listening to her in the future, but I felt the pacing distracted a bit from the story.

Note about “clean romance” (possible spoilers):
I believe the first book in this series was listed as a clean romance, which it was. I assumed (yeah, I know) that this was too. It doesn’t claim to be and it’s not. There is a short sex scene, nothing extremely raunchy or overly graphic IMHO, but it’s definitely not closed door or fade-to-black. Honestly, I could care less as I read anything from clean to erotica – but another reviewer mentioned this was clean and I didn’t want anyone to be thrown off by that.

While I received a free copy of this audiobook from Story Origin, I purchased Bryeton Books: A Vintage Romance Box Set.

About the author:
M.K. Chester is an RWA award-winning author of historical and contemporary romance, urban fantasy and non-fiction.  M.K. is a native Buckeye who lives in Tennessee. She’s married to a veteran, MoM (Mother of Marine), and a grandmother. She adores her Scottish Terriers and is fighting Multiple Sclerosis.

You can connect with M.K. Chester here:

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She tried, in one look, to say everything in her heart at the risk of being turned away. Save me. – Bootlegger’s Bride by @M_K_Chester #Audiobook narrated by Brenda G. Brown #BryetonBooks #Historical #SecondChance #Romance #SmallTown #Prohibition

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