I’m Straight, Right?


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Can a best friend become a lover without throwing away years of friendship?
Sometimes, all love needs is a little courage.

Sloane: I know I can be a grumpy bastard, and I’m not the easiest man to deal with, but you’d think my best friend would trust me. We don’t keep secrets, even about our love lives. That’s what I thought until I found out Dean was seeing someone. I don’t like it…don’t ask me why. But there’s more to the story than I thought, and now I have to deal with feelings I didn’t even know were possible for me.

Dean: I would not recommend being in love with your straight best friend. I met Sloane in Basic Training and fell head over heels. Years later and a deployment under each of our belts, it’s still not easy. All I’ve wanted for six years, six fucking years, was Sloane. Maybe it’s time I moved on. I’ll never have the same feelings for anyone else, but I’ll never get what I want from Sloane, right?

After one slightly drunken night, will Dean and Sloane ever be able to get back to what they’d been, or has everything between them changed forever?

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I really liked this short story, but first. The title. Ugh. It sounds like a bad after school special. If I were just browsing, I would have totally skipped this – but it was recommended in a reader’s group, so I grabbed it.

I’m really glad I did. GFY is hit or miss for me, but it was done really well here. I loved Dean & Sloane’s friendship and how it evolved. For such a short story, this packed in a lot of information and didn’t feel rushed. I think the PTS maybe could have been expanded on a little more, but it is a short.

I’ll be looking for more from this author & series.

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