That’s Shaw. A hundred percent. It’s like a fucking free-love commune had a baby with the American Psychological Association.

Gregory Ashe

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Publisher’s Synopsis:
After a recent case with a treacherous client, North and Shaw are ready to go back to work building Borealis Investigations. They’re also ready to go back to dodging their feelings for each other, with neither man ready to deal with the powerful emotions the Matty Fennmore case stirred up. Everything is getting back to normal when their secretary asks for help: her girlfriend’s boss has gone missing.

Shep Collins runs a halfway house for LGBTQ kids and is a prominent figure in St. Louis’s gay community. When he disappears, however, dark truths begin to emerge about Shep’s past: his string of failed relationships, a problem with disappearing money, and his work, years before, as one of the foremost proponents of conversion therapy.

When Shep’s body turns up at the halfway house, the search for a missing person becomes the search for a murderer.

As North and Shaw probe for answers, they find that they are not the only ones who have come looking for the truth about Shep Collins. Their investigation puts them at odds with the police who are working the same case, and in that conflict, North and Shaw find threads leading back to the West End Slasher—the serial killer who almost took Shaw’s life in an alley seven years before. As the web of an ancient conspiracy comes to light, Shaw is driven to find answers, and North faces what might be his last chance to tell Shaw how he really feels.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
The is the second book in the Borealis Investigations series and it feel like a middle book. I read the first book and was thrilled to get to listen to this one. I *think* it’s the center of a trilogy and I don’t believe it would work for someone to jump in with this one. Ashe did give a little back story, but not enough for this to be a standalone. This absolutely ends on a HFN for Shaw & North as well as a cliffhanger for the mystery/suspense.

It was missing a little something as far as connecting with the characters as I felt I did in the first book. But I’m still going to round 4.5 stars up to 5, because I’m invested in the story and characters. The big question is whether I’ll be able to wait for Declination on audio or I’ll just break down and read it.

This was my first narration by Charlie David and I really enjoyed his style. I do feel like there were times where the secondary characters could have more unique voices – because there were a few places in the story where a conversation involving several people was going on and it was a bit difficult to tell who was speaking. Besides that, it was fantastic and I’m definitely looking forward to him in the future.

I received a free copy of this audiobook from Gay Romance Reviews and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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