Exchanging heated looks with Ava over a decaying corpse, Mason felt like the luckiest man in the world.

Kendra Elliot

Audible. Available to borrow via Kindle Unlimited with audio included. If you don’t have KU, this is one of those audios that’s less expensive to buy the ebook & add audio. Less than $6 for both at the time of this review.

Publisher’s Synopsis:
After a congressman’s tortured body is found dangling from a Portland bridge, the FBI joins the Oregon State Police to investigate the case – and FBI Special Agent Ava McLane, still recovering from a bullet wound, hunts the twisted killer alongside the man who captured her heart, police detective Mason Callahan.

But once a third body appears and all evidence points to a serial killer, the public furiously clamors for answers – and the couple’s relationship grows fractured under the pressure. Ava and Mason search in the past for clues that predict the future. And when Ava’s mentally ill twin spins out of control, the FBI agent who battles monsters every day wonders if she shares her sister’s self-destructive streak…

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives, not always by chapter, but it’s clearly defined. The majority of the book is either from Mason or Ava’s perspective. There are several from the killer’s and a few from Zander’s (Ava’s partner).

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is the second book in the Callahan & McLane series. I loved this one.  Elliot is stepping up her game in terms of crafting a story with multiple moving parts that keep the reader/listener engaged while still saving surprises until almost the very end. I really enjoyed learning more about Mason Callahan and Ava McLane as individuals and as a couple. While a romance, Elliot spends a significant amount of time in Bridged on the suspense/mystery aspect and it’s a balance that works well for me. There are one or two sex scenes between Mason & Ava, but they aren’t overly graphic. More than closed door, but not by much. Overall, the romance takes a back seat to the rest of the story. I also think she did an excellent job sharing the horrors of the crimes committed without being overwhelming.

Dual narration. Amy McFadden is one of my favorite narrators and pairs wonderfully with Nick Podehl in this series. They do an excellent job of giving each character their own unique voice as well as remain consistent throughout the series.

Trigger Warnings (possible spoilers):
Adult abductions. Victims are murdered & then hung from bridges. Details of their abductions & murders are thoroughly and frequently discussed. One victim is sexually assaulted, murdered, and the body is burned.

My Favorite Quotes

“Exchanging heated looks with Ava over a decaying corpse, Mason felt like the luckiest man in the world.” – Bridged by Kendra Elliot @amymcnarrator & Nick Podehl #CallahanMcLane

“There was a subtle magic between them he hadn’t experienced with another woman, which made him want to rush home to be with her in the evenings.” – Bridged by Kendra Elliot @amymcnarrator & Nick Podehl #CallahanMcLane

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