Nice Enough

Annie had come into my life like a shockwave.

Barbra Campbell
Nice Enough

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Publisher’s Synopsis:
Listen along on this dirty-sweet, insta-love, short story romance as opposites attract!

I’d been running county-wide disaster preparedness meetings for over a decade and fighting fires far longer than that. The routine of talking everyone through disaster protocol had become stale, until Annie walked in. At least 20 years younger than me, she was vibrant, smart, and a thorn in my side. Unfortunately, she was also my newest obsession.

Fresh out of college, I landed my first real job. Ready to share my knowledge on helping criminal youths find a new path, I took a position as a counselor in a cute little town that was doing its best to catch up with current trends in criminal justice reform. My first case: a juvenile arsonist. My first complication: the burly fire chief everyone considered an expert because he’d been their only expert for far too long.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating by chapter.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is my first experience with Barbra Campbell and I really enjoyed it. Nice Enough is exactly as described: a quick listen (an hour), sexy & sweet, opposites attract, May/December romance. Campbell does a great job of weaving current conversations and interactions with references to previous events that gives the listener a satisfying story line without feeling rushed or lacking. It’s a difficult balance in short stories and she does it well. Miles & Annie have great chemistry; personally, emotionally, and sexually. There’s only one sex scene, but it is definitely smoking. The steam level building up to and after definitely satisfies those looking for a sexy romance.

This is also my first experience with narrator Anne Werner and it was fantastic. Werner not only gave Miles and Annie a unique and fitting voice for dialogue she also gave them an individual sound for the their chapter POVs. I always knew exactly whose perspective a chapter was from. I appreciated that Annie sounded young yet still capable & confident.

I received a free copy of this audiobook and am voluntarily leaving a review.

My Favorite Quotes

Annie had come into my life like a shockwave. – Nice Enough by Barbra Campbell @BCampbellWrites Narrated by Anne Werner #HotEnough #ShortStory

Our exchange left me vulnerable and I could have used my oxygen tank because the air felt thin. – Nice Enough by Barbra Campbell @BCampbellWrites Narrated by Anne Werner #HotEnough #ShortStory

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