Delayed Gratification

Audible. Also available in ebook for free (at the time of this review).

Publisher’s Synopsis:
A prequel novella to Instant Gratification, performed by Andi Arndt and Shane East! This prequel story of Jason and Truly was previously included in the original Instant Attraction audiobook edition that followed the tales of three different couples. That audiobook is no longer available. However, the story of how Jason and Truly first met has been edited into Delayed Gratification, a story that now focuses entirely on that couple, a tantalizing introduction to their romance….

Once upon a time, a sexy, charming, hot British guy walked into my bar. He was flirty and delicious, and we hit it off right away. So well in fact that I’d have given him my number. Except, fate decided to play a trick on me. Since the guy turned out to be my brother’s best friend, he was off limits. So, we made a pact to be just friends. And we became great friends. It worked for a while. Until the night we were snowed in….

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating POVs, not by chapter, but it’s clear from narration.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I’ll be honest. The reading/listening order for this series is confusing. This novella came from a book “Instant Gratification” which is no longer available. That book was listed as 1.5 in the series. This is described as a prequel/teaser for Instant Gratification which is listed as book 2 in the series. After listening, I went to log Delayed Gratification into GoodReads and it’s listed as book 2.5. Chronologically, it’s before. I’ve heard there’s a flow chart somewhere detailing the chronological order of the books ~ because despite being listed as standalones, there’s some heavy crossings of characters/events even across multiple series. This book is an example. Spencer, from Big Rock (book 1 of Big Rock series) acts as omniscient “narrator” for this and is married to Truly’s best friend. The fact that a novella this short needs constant input from Spencer to clarify what’s going on proves the point.

While this audio is listed as 1.5 hours, only an hour of it is the novella – the last 30 minutes is actually an excerpt from Instant Gratification.

So, we’re down to an hour that is a quick intro in to how Truly and Jason meet as well as the hook-up they decide is better left as a mistake. Included in my Audible Escape membership this was merely OK. I can’t imagine spending money on it or listening to it again.

Duet. Sort of. Sebastian York, Andi Arndt, & Shane East all sound fantastic as usual. However, there’s a serious inconsistency in the “duet” classification. Sometimes it’s duet, sometimes it’s dual – even in the same paragraph. A big clue would have been that when Arndt had to use a British accent, that’s where East should have been heard talking. I get that it’s more expensive and takes a lot more work, but this felt thrown together in that respect.

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