Bring It On Home

I’ll stay out here as long as you like.
I mean, I’m prepared.
I’ve got chapstick.

Kait Nolan
Bring It On Home


Publisher’s Synopsis:
That girl who got knocked up in high school.

Maggie Reynolds went all the way to Los Angeles to escape that label, but she hears the whispers every time she comes home to Eden’s Ridge, Tennessee. She’s been burning the candle at both ends for the last 12 years, trying to make something of her herself, trying to give people something else to say about her.

Porter Ingram prides himself on being a steady man, a good friend, but he’s none too steady when he flies off to California because Maggie’s collapsed from exhaustion and she doesn’t want her sister, Pru, to worry. Not when Pru’s about to have a baby any minute. What Maggie doesn’t know is that she’s more than just a good friend to Porter. It’s an open secret he’s been wearing on his sleeve for years, if she’d only see it.

When Maggie’s forced to take a sabbatical from work, the obvious choice is to go home to Tennessee. But there’s nothing restful about just doing nothing for a doer like her. Throwing herself into getting the Eden’s Ridge Artisan Guild off the ground is a natural fit for her talents, and Porter’s grateful for her help. But walking in the shadows of their painful past could reveal secrets that just might destroy everything they think they know about each other.

Point of view:
3rd Person. Alternating perspectives, not always by chapter, but it’s clearly defined.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
You know how sometimes there’s that audiobook you’ve been waiting on and you’re willing to rearrange your entire TBL shelf to listen to it? This is one of them for me.

This is the finale of the Misfit Inn series and Kait Nolan writes in such a wholly satisfying way that I can’t help but get a little teary eyed. This is small town, second chance, shunned-girl-made-good perfection. Despite a mashup of well loved tropes there was still a lot of unique to this story due to the distinctive world that Nolan created.

The somewhat mysterious Maggie is driven home by sheer exhaustion as the anniversary of her baby’s death collides with Pru’s due date. Her former foster brother and best friend, Porter – who has always loved Maggie from afar, is there to help her during this emotionally trying time. There is love, laughter, and heartache as this couple find their way together and the circumstances around Maggie’s pregnancy come to light.

Nolan also gives the Reynolds sisters a lovely epilogue where we get a peek into all their HEAs.

P.S. Kait Nolan, if you’re reading this – is there any chance Mia will get a story?

Amy McFadden! Each Misfit Inn character has their own unique voice, accent, and “mannerisms”. McFadden keeps these consistent throughout the whole series. I could listen to all the books back-to-back and not tell there were any gaps in production. Totally binge-worthy.

Trigger Warnings (possible spoilers):
All the daughters are former foster children who were adopted. Maggie had a miscarriage and it’s a big part of the entire book. Two instances of statutory rape are mentioned. Porter stops Maggie from being sexually assaulted.

My Favorite Quotes

I’ll stay out here as long as you like.I mean, I’m prepared.I’ve got chapstick. – Bring It On Home, @kaitnolan @amymcnarrator #SmallTown #SecondChance #Romance

If anybody could make her feel better about all this. It was him. – Bring It On Home, @kaitnolan @amymcnarrator #SmallTown #SecondChance #Romance

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