A Man of the Mountain

Sasquatches are predictable.

Humans, on the other hand, especially the bloodthirsty kind, are irrational, impulsive, and among the most dangerous creatures on the planet.

Ashton Macaulay
A Man of the Mountain


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Jonas is a recluse. He lives in the mountains alone, appreciative of the peace and solitude the wilderness has to offer. It also enables him to keep his unusual line of work a secret.

At the behest of mysterious employers, Jonas has been instructed to wear a fur-covered suit and terrorize hikers at a local mountain range, all in an effort to maintain the mythical legend of Bigfoot. While typically uneventful, there are times when a hiker gets too close and the situation becomes…messy. Jonas may not be bloodthirsty, but he always does what’s necessary to uphold a certain level of discretion.

After several high-profile ‘accidents’ are written off by authorities as bear attacks, tabloid reporter Shirley Codwell notices a pattern and sets out to unravel the truth. Convinced that the killings are the work of a legendary beast, she calls upon the monster hunting community for assistance. The events that transpire are like nothing she could have expected…and will send Jonas running for his life.

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives from various characters. A few times the perspective changed back & forth mid-paragraph and it was a bit discordant.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is the prequel to Whiteout, which I highly recommend. While released after, I’m not sure it matters what order you read them in. Minus a tiny cameo from James, Nick is the only Whiteout character to make an appearance. There are “nods” in each book to the other – but nothing spoilerish in either direction.

This one is a bit darker, perhaps because Nick’s snark doesn’t get quite as much page time. It’s also a little slower to build up to the action as Macaulay lays the foundation for the various characters’ backgrounds. It was definitely full of suspense/mystery with a nice dose of thriller & action. It was unpredictable and a truly enjoyable novella-length read.

I’m looking forward to more in the Nick Ventner series and perhaps he can even be reunited with Shirley for another adventure. Macaulay’s work will continue to be added to my TBR.

Narration note:
There is an audio dramatization of this book available to stream or for sale on Audible. I tried listening to it – but was quickly reminded that there’s a reason I don’t listen to or review books in this format. For whatever reason, my brain locks on to all the sound effects and I just cannot remember a darn thing about the main character performances. This is 110% on me and not a review or indication of the quality of the production. (I mean, the winter sounds were very realistic, but I doubt that’s what you’re looking for.)

Trigger Warnings (possible spoilers):
There’s peril, violent death, and some gore.

About the author:
Ashton Macaulay is a fiction writer living in Redmond Washington. His works include Whiteout, the tale of drunken monster hunter, Nick Ventner, Man of the Mountain, an intriguing audio drama surrounding a man trying to maintain the Bigfoot legend and various short stories published through Aberrant Literature.

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If we can’t have batshit conversations in diners, where can we have them? – A Man of the Mountain by @RealMacAshton @AberrantLit #Yeti #Thriller #Suspense #NickVentner

No one makes the History Channel without taking a few risks. – A Man of the Mountain by @RealMacAshton @AberrantLit #Yeti #Thriller #Suspense #NickVentner

If he’s anything like he used to be it’ll be easy to goad him into doing something really stupid. – A Man of the Mountain by @RealMacAshton @AberrantLit #Yeti #Thriller #Suspense #NickVentner

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