Island Chaptal and the Ancient Alien’s Treasure

Look at us. It’s like a group date about to go horribly wrong.

Camilla Monk
Island Chaptal and the Ancient Alien’s Treasure

ebook & audiobook

Publisher’s Synopsis:
He’s March November, a self-made millionaire and former legendary hitman, who now runs Struthio Security, a wholly legitimate business catering to high-end clients in serious trouble—think being in the cross-hairs of a Nigerian warlord.

He works with Island Chaptal, his girlfriend and partner. She used to be a computer engineer, but a lot of stuff happened, so now she’s his CTO and hacks poorly-protected devices and fiber optic cables for him, which kind of sounds like she slept her way to the top, but no, actually.The clock is ticking fast, and to pierce the ogre’s secrets and defeat him, Island Chaptal will have to fight to remember…and stay alive.

Together, Island Chaptal and Mr. November fight crime. Mostly. This time though, they’re rescuing Joy—Island’s BFF—who ended up in a Cancún jail after nearly killing her boyfriend’s side chica with a three-feet tall birthday cake. Ancient aliens somehow get involved in this mess, and also a guy name Angel Somoza, who hates sloths. There’s gunfights, frenetic capering from Cancún to Cairo, passionate sex, Roomba cats, and a lot of questionable science thrown in.

It’s the final chapter of the Spotless series, and just another Monday for March and Island.

Point of view:
1st Person. Entirely from Island’s perspective.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This was such a wonderful, and slightly bittersweet, ending to a fabulous series. Camilla Monk’s sharp and quirky sense of humor absolutely shines as she wraps up March & Island’s adventures.

An awesome mix of adventure, action, mystery, and one steamy romance scene. Assassin sloths, rogue Lions, Alien-hunters, helicopters, RPGs, and a Cancun jail – only Monk could bring together such a crazy cast and make it completely work.

There’s definitely an HEA, though we never learn whether Island will be Mrs. March or Mrs. November.

I’m a little sad it’s over, but I think it was a perfect ending.

Amy McFadden’s narration was fantastic. As always. Several similar characters had prominent roles throughout the whole book, but she kept them unique in voice and personality. This series is absolutely binge-worthy.

Trigger Warnings (possible spoilers):
There’s some shoot outs, gun shot wounds, peril, and other action/mystery topics.

About the author:
Camilla Monk is a virtually unknown author who somehow tricked a bunch of people into publishing books about ostriches and killer platypuses.

A French native who grew up in a Franco-American family, she taught English and French in Tokyo before returning to France to work in advertising. After ten years spent building rickety websites for financial companies, she now lives and writes in Montreal, where she keeps a close watch on the squirrels and complains on a daily basis about the egregious number of Tim Hortons.

Her writing credits include the English resumes and cover letters of a great many French friends, and some essays as well. She’s also the critically acclaimed author of a few passive-aggressive notes pasted in her building’s elevator.

You can connect with Camilla Monk here:

About the narrator:
From Amy’s website: Hi! This part is all about me. Just me. It feels weird to write a bunch of stuff about myself but I don’t like pictures of me so I’ll have to use words instead.

I live in Michigan with my fiancé, Joe Anderson. He makes me laugh so much I never have to do situps. Truthfully, I probably wouldn’t do situps anyway, but hey, it’s still a nice bonus to our love.

I’m an actress now, and I used to be a 2nd grade teacher. I loved that part of my life, but after doing it for a bunch of years, I was ready to move on to the next version of me. They’re not really very different versions-teachers and actresses both reach out and engage people through stories. I’m NOT a morning person, but waking up to tell stories makes mornings better-than-tolerable.

I love books and the Muppets and smart people and kind people (not necessarily in that order) and sleeping and chocolate and coffee and writers and learning and Oreo cookies and a bunch of other stuff-but I’m starting to make myself gag on all this love.

I hate a bunch of stuff, too, but who cares about that junk? It’s probably the same stuff you hate, so I won’t bore you. Except I REALLY hate listening to people eat bananas.

You can connect with Amy McFadden here:

My Favorite Quotes

Wait, what? He put together a secret contingency plan in case I get pregnant—which admittedly sounds like him—and my security clearance isn’t high enough to know what’s in it? – Island Chaptal & Ancient Alien’s Treasure by @Camilla_Monk narrated by @amymcnarrator #RomanticSuspense #Mystery

March probes with the same sort of icy kidnapper expression he practices when trying to assemble Ikea shelves. – Island Chaptal & Ancient Alien’s Treasure by @Camilla_Monk narrated by @amymcnarrator #RomanticSuspense #Mystery

Look at us. It’s like a group date about to go horribly wrong. – Island Chaptal & Ancient Alien’s Treasure by @Camilla_Monk narrated by @amymcnarrator #RomanticSuspense #Mystery

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