Calligraphy and inebriation didn’t go well together.

Kasia Bacon

Audiobook. ebook also available in Kindle Unlimited at the time of this review

Publisher’s Synopsis:
Lieutenant Laahn Ĉortez is about to sit down to his well-deserved supper when destiny hits—winged, scaled and more than a little tipsy.

Rago is a fated mates/forced proximity short story from The Order Universe, featuring a puffing dragon shifter and a romp in the fencing hall.

Point of view:
First Person. All from Laahn’s POV.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Kasia Bacon leaves me wanting more without making me feel like she failed to write a complete story.

This is a short story in the M/M fantasy romance Order Universe, yet stands completely on its own. Perfect if you enjoy fated mates and dragon shifters. Entirely from Laahn’s first person perspective, this adorable and steamy short features his meeting with Rago.

Michael Fox’s narration was perfect. He did a great job giving each character a unique voice as well as evoking all the emotions.

About the author:
A linguist and an avid reader with a particular fondness for fantasy and paranormal genres, KASIA BACON lives in London with her husband. When not tearing her hair out over a translating project, she writes stories about the shenanigans of emotionally constipated assassins and sexy Elves. Otherwise, she can be found shaking her loins at a Zumba class, binging on anime or admiring throwing knives on Pinterest. A lover of MMA and Muay Thai, she also enjoys nature and the great outdoors. She dreams of becoming independently wealthy, leaving the city and moving into her wooden mini-manor—located in the heart of stunning forests resembling those of the Elven Country depicted in her tales.

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Calligraphy and inebriation didn’t go well together. – Rago by @kasia_bb narrated by @MikeFoxbooks #MM #ShortStory #FantasyRomance #DragonShifter

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