The Girl Who Lived

Though she wasn’t trapped in a locked room anymore, she was still a caged animal; the bars were just harder to see.

Christopher Greyson
The Girl Who Lived

Audiobook. ebook available via Kindle Unlimited.

Publisher’s Synopsis:
Ten years ago, four people were brutally murdered – one girl lived.

As the anniversary of the murders approaches, Faith Winters is released from the psychiatric hospital and yanked back to the last spot on earth she wants to be—her hometown where the slayings took place. Wracked by the lingering echoes of survivor’s guilt, Faith spirals into a black hole of alcoholism and wanton self-destruction. Finding no solace at the bottom of a bottle, Faith decides to track down her sister’s killer—only to discover that she’s the one being hunted.

Point of view:
3rd Person. Mostly from Faith’s POV, though there are a few chapters from other perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I felt immediately drawn into this story. Faith was not a likable protagonist, but that made her quite real. It’s not that unusual for someone to survive or endure all that she had been through and end up cynical, angry, paranoid, and chemically dependent.

The first 70% of this book was absolutely fantastic. However, I think the story suffered from too many suspects. When Greyson introduces us to these various people they are all compelling and integral parts of Faith’s reintegration to her hometown. Unfortunately, when Faith begins to get too close to answers and those responsible begin to close in on her – her suspicion of every. single. person in rapid succession is too much. The final reveal ends up being slightly anti-climactic.

Overall, it was a good mystery/suspense and an enjoyable weekend listen.

Amy McFadden does a great job bringing Faith to life: her fear, confusion, frustration, anger, and determination. She also gives a large cast of secondary characters unique voices, accents, and mannerisms that made this enjoyable.

About the author:
Christopher Greyson is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author of mystery, action, and thriller novels. Greyson’s love of mystery and adventure began with his grandfather, a World War I decorated hero. He will never forget being introduced to his grandfather’s friend, a WWI pilot who flew across the skies at the same time as the feared legendary Red Baron. Since he was a little boy, Christopher Greyson dreamt of what mystery was around the next corner, or quest lay over the hill. If he couldn’t find an adventure, one usually found him! Now he weaves those tales into his stories.

Christopher Greyson’s educational background is an eclectic mix of degrees in Computer Science, Theatre and Communications. He resides in Massachusetts with his lovely wife, Katherine Greyson, author of the bestselling romance-mystery series Everyone Keeps Secrets and their two wonderful children, Laura and Christopher.

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About the narrator:
From Amy McFadden’s website: Hi! This part is all about me. Just me. It feels weird to write a bunch of stuff about myself but I don’t like pictures of me so I’ll have to use words instead.

I live in Michigan with my fiancé, Joe Anderson. He makes me laugh so much I never have to do situps. Truthfully, I probably wouldn’t do situps anyway, but hey, it’s still a nice bonus to our love.

I’m an actress now, and I used to be a 2nd grade teacher. I loved that part of my life, but after doing it for a bunch of years, I was ready to move on to the next version of me. They’re not really very different versions-teachers and actresses both reach out and engage people through stories. I’m NOT a morning person, but waking up to tell stories makes mornings better-than-tolerable.

I love books and the Muppets and smart people and kind people (not necessarily in that order) and sleeping and chocolate and coffee and writers and learning and Oreo cookies and a bunch of other stuff-but I’m starting to make myself gag on all this love.

I hate a bunch of stuff, too, but who cares about that junk? It’s probably the same stuff you hate, so I won’t bore you. Except I REALLY hate listening to people eat bananas.

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Though she wasn’t trapped in a locked room anymore, she was still a caged animal; the bars were just harder to see. – The Girl Who Lived @Chris_Greyson #Audiobook narrated by @amymcnarrator #Mystery #Suspense #KindleUnlimited

She was strong enough to run, so that’s what she did. She didn’t know where she was going, just that she had to get away. – The Girl Who Lived @Chris_Greyson #Audiobook narrated by @amymcnarrator #Mystery #Suspense #KindleUnlimited

She had an ally in law enforcement . . . and an enemy. – The Girl Who Lived @Chris_Greyson #Audiobook narrated by @amymcnarrator #Mystery #Suspense #KindleUnlimited

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