Taming a Wild Scot


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Wrongfully accused of murder and left to die in a hellish Highland dungeon, Ana Bisset has lost all hope of freedom. But the beautiful healer’s luck takes an unexpected turn when a hooded stranger appears as her rescuer. After a harrowing escape, Ana settles alone in a quiet village where no one knows her past or her reputation. The last thing she ever expects is to meet her mysterious savior again…

Niall MacCurran is no hero, but a warrior on a dangerous mission to expose a threat to the realm. After his decision to free Ana, he now realizes that it is he who needs her help—willing or no—to advance his quest. But his growing feelings for the delicate yet resilient beauty soon jeopardize their safety—and not even Ana’s healing gifts may be enough to protect their love, or their lives.

Point of view:
3rd Person. Mostly Niall & Anna’s perspectives, but also some from secondary characters.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I grabbed this because I really enjoy Kirsten Potter as a narrator and I was looking for a change from my other current listens.

The action/mystery/suspense was done well and I enjoyed that aspect of the story. I struggled with the romance aspect as Niall & Ana never really got along through the entire book. They were obviously physically attracted, kissed, and had sex. However, the power dynamics never transformed into a relationship. Niall spent the entire book coercing Ana to cooperate in his plans & schemes by threatening to reveal her true identity to the authorities. At the point at which they escaped the town, he proclaimed his love and then the book abruptly ended.

While this book has it’s own complete story arc – there are secondary story lines happening that will apparently weave through the whole series. However, I don’t feel invested enough to continue the series.

Kirsten Potter is an amazing narrator and does an impeccable job with the accents. Her narration is what kept me engaged and I’m not entirely sure I would have finished it if I was reading it.

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