Baby Makes Three


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Billionaire. Playboy. Her brother’s best friend. And her baby’s daddy?  

The last time I saw Joanna, she was just a kid, following me around like a puppy dog. But now that she’s all grown up, those curves make me want to get behind her. Make her moan my name.  

Her overprotective brother would never let it happen. But I like a challenge. It can be our little secret.  

Until her abusive ex-boyfriend shows up in town and ruins everything. If he even tries to lay a finger on her…he’ll regret it. 

I’ll do anything to protect my new family. No matter what.  

Point of view:
Third person.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
DNF at 60%. This is my first book by Nicole Elliot.

Joanna was beaten by her boyfriend and shows up to her new job at brother’s office covered in bruises, yet has sex with Anderson the same day.

Supposedly, despite being together for years – her ex knows nothing about her brother, where she grew up, etc. Joanna also claims that she left him with no clues about her whereabouts or current contact info. Yet, he manages to find her office number. THEN, she just keeps repeating over and over that he can’t have any clue where she’s at and that she’s not really in any danger. He found her office number & says he’s coming after her.

I’ve met teenagers with more maturity and self-awareness than Anderson’s internal dialogue.

Even solid narration by Jeremy York & Kendall Taylor couldn’t save the writing and TSTL female lead.

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