Half Light

I didn’t know what would be better; to tell her that I did notice but I just didn’t do anything or pretend that I somehow missed her sorrow.

Tayari Jones
Half light



Publisher’s Synopsis:
Identical twins Amelia and Camelia Hall were born with the same face, and that’s about it: By the time the girls were through school, the matching set of names could no longer contain them. Now there’s Cam, whose contrarian streak led her to a career in law, and Lia, who followed more closely in her parents’ footsteps with her dermatology practice and married-with-children lifestyle in Atlanta’s Glenwood Park.

But the bond between the sisters is deep and unshakable – Cam serves as the maid of honor on Lia’s wedding day and as her attorney 15 years later, when Lia’s life and the lives of her two teenage daughters are rocked by divorce. And two years after her separation, the dust is finally starting to settle. But in the hazy glow of their first years of marriage, Lia gifted her then-husband a precious, irreplaceable family heirloom, and she decides that now, she must do whatever she can to get it back, starting with breaking and entering.

Point of view:
1st person. Entirely from Lia’s perspective.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This was a borrow under Audible’s new Audible Plus feature and I love Bahni Turpin’s narrations, so I was in!

This is my first experience with Tayari Jones’ writing and I’m definitely impressed. Jones crafts an endearing tale of two sisters who are different yet so clearly of the same heart. What I loved about this is that it’s so real. The history (and the present) contain heartache, laughs, love, and hope. Human. With the added twist of the unique relationship of not only sisters, but identical twins.

Reviews for shorts that I love are hard – because I want to gush without giving it all away. I’ll definitely be listening to more of Tayari Jones in the future.

This is everything I expect and love from Bahni Turpin’s narrations. She gives unique voices and emotions to all the characters. She’s a treat to listen to.

About the author:
New York Times best-selling author Tayari Jones is the author of four novels, most recently An American Marriage. Published in 2018, An American Marriage is an Oprah’s Book Club Selection and also appeared on Barack Obama’s summer reading list as well as his year-end roundup. The novel was awarded the Women’s Prize for Fiction (formerly known as the Orange Prize), Aspen Words Prize and an NAACP Image Award. It has been published in two dozen countries.

Jones, a member of the Fellowship of Southern Writers, has also been a recipient of the Hurston/Wright Legacy Award, United States Artist Fellowship, NEA Fellowship, and Radcliffe Institute Bunting Fellowship. Her third novel, Silver Sparrow, was added to the NEA Big Read Library of classics in 2016.

Jones is a graduate of Spelman College, University of Iowa, and Arizona State University. She is an Andrew D. White Professor-at-Large at Cornell University and the Charles Howard Candler Professor of Creative Writing at Emory University.

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About the narrator:
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I didn’t know what would be better: to tell her that I did notice but I just didn’t do anything or pretend that I somehow missed her sorrow. – Half Light by @TayariJones #Audiobook @TheRealBahniT #ShortStory @audible_com #AudiblePlus

It’s more than hers, it’s her. – Half Light by @TayariJones #Audiobook @TheRealBahniT #ShortStory @audible_com #AudiblePlus

Let’s commit this felony and put this bullshit behind us. – Half Light by @TayariJones #Audiobook @TheRealBahniT #ShortStory @audible_com #AudiblePlus

This was ours and you gave it to a fool. – Half Light by @TayariJones #Audiobook @TheRealBahniT #ShortStory @audible_com #AudiblePlus

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