I spat into the sodden leaves, hoping that somewhere, somehow, some ancient god would be offended and send a servant to off me and end my misery.

Ashton Macaulay


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Publisher’s Synopsis:
From hunting the dreaded Yeti in the Himalayas to dealing with pesky lake monsters in the suburbs, Nick’s seen it all. Even if some of the details might be a little fuzzy.

In Downpour, Nick battles serpents, spirits, and starvation as he struggles to fulfill a promise to an old friend. Confronted by demons both personal and supernatural, he journeys through the Central American jungle in pursuit of the fabled Land of the Dead. Along the way, Nick befriends strange new allies while haunted by familiar enemies in search of revenge.

Point of view:
The main story is told in 1st person. There are interspersed scenes where Nick is relaying the adventures and these are written in 3rd person. I was accustomed to this format from White out and it actually made it easier to track what was past story & what was current conversation.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Downpour is the second book in the Nick Ventner Adventures series. While it is a complete and enjoyable novel that stands well on its own – it contains numerous spoilers for Whiteout and has a few nods to events in the prequel novella, A Man of the Mountain. You absolutely want to read them in order.

It’s hard to express how much you enjoy the latest book in a series when you already gave top reviews to the first two books – but I’m going to try. Downpour is the perfect mix of action, adventure, and horror with an irreverent and often drunk anti-hero. Nick literally crash-lands in South America trying to rescue a former apprentice from a fate worse than… well, you’ll see. Macauley’s descriptions of the jungle, Amazon river, warring tribes, and a host of supernatural beings are so vivid that I couldn’t help but feel like I was there and be a little unnerved.

While I found Downpour to be quite a bit darker and even more perilous than Whiteout – it didn’t dampen my enjoyment of the story in any way. Nick alternately befriends and battles villagers and the undead. He encounters forest monsters, river serpents, and enters the underworld in compelling and unique ways. I found the pacing of the story to be well-balanced and it made it difficult for me to put down.

Macauley gives Downpour a fantastic and unpredictable ending while simultaneously setting the stage for another adventure. I can’t wait for Maelstrom.

About the author:
Ashton Macaulay is a fiction writer living in Redmond Washington. His works include Whiteout, the tale of drunken monster hunter, Nick Ventner, Man of the Mountain, an intriguing audio drama surrounding a man trying to maintain the Bigfoot legend and various short stories published through Aberrant Literature.

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Action films from my childhood were always the primary source of my half-baked plans. – Downpour by @RealMacAshton @AberrantLit #Thriller #Suspense #Horror #MonsterHunter #NickVentnerAdventure

“FUCK YOU, JUNGLE!”I spat into the sodden leaves, hoping that somewhere, somehow, some ancient god would be offended and send a servant to off me and end my misery. – Downpour by @RealMacAshton @AberrantLit #Thriller #Suspense #Horror #MonsterHunter #NickVentnerAdventure

There was nothing left to do but try to say something cool before I died. – Downpour by @RealMacAshton @AberrantLit #Thriller #Suspense #Horror #MonsterHunter #NickVentnerAdventure

Even the most joyous laugh from a ghost was the stuff of nightmares. – Downpour by @RealMacAshton @AberrantLit #Thriller #Suspense #Horror #MonsterHunter #NickVentnerAdventure

The words ‘mutually beneficial’ were never good coming from a supernatural enemy. – Downpour by @RealMacAshton @AberrantLit #Thriller #Suspense #Horror #MonsterHunter #NickVentnerAdventure

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