The Quasar Lineage

I’m the first Earth representative they have run across. This should be interesting.

Pearl Tate
The Quasar Lineage


This is a box set of the first 3 books in The Quasar Lineage series: Bren’s Blessing, Matthias’ Miracle, & Amari’s Adored.

At the time of this review the ebook for Bren’s Blessing is free and Matthias’ Miracle & Amari’s Adored are available via Kindle Unlimited.

Publisher’s Synopsis:
Bren’s Blessing

I enjoy my job, so when things go sideways and aliens board my lab, I try to stay positive and make sure that I just observe and stay alive. But I’m immediately grabbed an taken to their ship.

It appears that I’m now the property of the alien that grabbed me. 

He’s big, possessive, and seems to want to get to know me a lot better.

Matthias’s Miracle

I wake from my abduction while being separated from my friends. Sore and groggy, I’m tied to a bed before I realize what’s going on.

As the circumstances start to sink in, I fight until I hear a roar of rage.

At first, my rescuer scares me as much as my captors, but when I realize he’s helping, he becomes my new best friend.

Amari’s Adored

Before I even wake up from my abduction, I’m “rescued” from the shuttle that crashed here on their prison planet. 

But as I’m coming to terms with everything around me, I become a pawn in a tug-of-war between my new rescuer and a group of unhappy aliens.

They are determined to break away from their prison, taking everything of value with them…and that includes me!

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating perspectives by chapter.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I’ll admit I haven’t read a lot of alien romance, but this was a fun listen. These are shorter, fated mates, and super sexy stories. Combined as a box set – they’re a great deal. While they’re listed as standalone, the storylines all build from previous events and I’d definitely recommend listening in order. I’d minimally encourage Bren’s Blessing as it involves a lot of world building that will be helpful as the series goes on.

Bren’s Blessing kicks off the series as Hannah, an Astronaut, finds herself rescued from her self-destructing space station where she’s been living alone for a year. As much of the intrigue created by the book involves the revelation of Bren’s world, I don’t want to spoil it. Tate does a good job of slowly exposing the dynamics of Quasar contrasting with the speed of Bren & Hannah’s relationship. There’s also a fun action/suspense aspect.

Matthias’ Miracle is a continuation of the revelations in Bren’s Blessing. Matthias is with a team of other Quasar males who rescues Susan and several of her friends. Tate continues to weave a bit of mystery/suspense through the story as well as another rescue.

The events in Amari’s Adored run somewhat concurrent with Matthias’ Miracle. This also meant that earlier parts felt a little repetitive because of Amari & Rachel “discovering” things the same way as the previous couples. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it as much had I not binged all 3 in less than a week. There’s an engaging rescue mission & thriller aspect that rounded out the romance nicely.

This is a fantastic DUET narration by Randi Johnson and Kelsey Navarro. Specifically, there are a ton of male voices, all aliens, and Johnson did a terrific job of giving them all unique sounds and personalities. I also love the emotions that Navarro gave these spunky women. It really was a treat to listen to. I will absolutely look for more from both narrators.

Trigger Warnings (possible spoilers):
Matthias’ Miracle: Susan & her friends are all kidnapped. Also, she was previously raped (off page) and Matthias rescues her from an attempted rape. While not overly detailed, it is an often discussed topic in the story.

Amari’s Adored: Amari was raped (off page) and again, while not overly detailed it’s mentioned several times.

While I own the first book & borrowed the others via Kindle Unlimited, I did receive a free copy of this audiobook from Story Origin and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

About the author:
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I’m the first Earth representative they have run across. This should be interesting. – The Quasar Lineage by @AuthorPearlTate #DuetNarration by @RandiRomance & @kelseydnavarro #AlienRomance #FatedMates

He’s probably wondering what the hell I am doing but these are the last minutes of my life. I’ll do what I want, dammit. – The Quasar Lineage by @AuthorPearlTate #DuetNarration by @RandiRomance & @kelseydnavarro #AlienRomance #FatedMates

I won’t be one of those stupid people who won’t take the help when it shows up. – The Quasar Lineage by @AuthorPearlTate #DuetNarration by @RandiRomance & @kelseydnavarro #AlienRomance #FatedMates

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