Like It’s 1999

She started it, but I’m the one who can’t stop.

Karen Grey
Like It’s 1999

ARC. Releases December 9th!

6/17/2021 Update: Audiobook!
At the time of this update – you can grab the audio from Kobo for $1.99.

Love ’em and Leave ’em Alice Kim and “Hot” Steve Lowell are perfect for each other. It’ll only take them ten years to figure that out.

Just because they throw the most bodacious wedding party ever…
Just because they’re perfect partners in pranks…
Just because they love all the same boss movies…
Just because they share one totally bangin’ night of sex together…

Does not mean they’ll break the One Time Rule.
Even if they do… they don’t do relationships.
And they’re never getting married.
Like, ever.

In this friends-to-lovers, marriage-pact novella spanning the last decade of the 20th century, life forces a playboy and a playgirl grow up—and grow apart—before giving them a chance to create a happy-ever-after they can actually be happy about.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Steve & Alice’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
The minute I finished the first book in Karen Grey’s Boston Classics series, What I’m Looking For, I immediately wanted a book about “Hot” Steve. While I don’t think you have to read the other books in the series to enjoy Like It’s 1999, I do think that you’d appreciate some of the references more if you’ve read or listened to at least book 1.

Like It’s 1999 is a fun novella featuring Kate’s best-friends “Hot” Steve and Alice as they become co-bridesmaids…er… bridespeople for Kate & Will’s wedding. Grey’s writing style definitely works for me and in this case there were some parallels in my relationship with my personal “Hot” Steve. Hubby and I are known for constantly throwing movie lines at each other, we started dating on New Year’s Eve, and once we got together everyone was pretty much, “What took you so long?”

While this is a relationship slow burn, Grey gives us a few steamy scenes and lots of interactions to know that Steve & Alice could be great together. They have a lot of fun and the movie lines definitely kept me grounded in the late 80’s. Unfortunately, the timing isn’t right. For 10 years. We get to catch up with Will & Kate and get a peek into their future. Or, maybe their past? (insert Back to the Future time-bending here) No worries. Steve & Alice’s story gets a cute and happy ending.

I’m ready for book 3, You Spin Me. (ebook is out now, but I’m waiting for audio coming soon!)

Cindy Kay and Ryan West were fantabulous. This production was perfectly in sync. I also really liked Kay’s male voices and West’s female voices.

I received a free advanced copy of the ebook book from the author and am voluntarily leaving an honest review. Later I joyfully purchased the audio!

About the author:
KAREN GREY is the pen name for award-winning narrator Karen White. A stage, screen and radio drama actor in Boston, New York and Los Angeles in the late 20th century, she started recording books in 1999. Now back in her home state of North Carolina, she shares a home with her family and probably too many pets (canine, feline, avian and reptilian) and continues to narrate audiobooks as well as make up stories.

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Raised in the California Bay Area and lucky enough to have the Rockies as a backdrop, Cindy is a working narrator who enjoys suffering with friends in group exercise classes, exploring cities, and can’t wait to fight over a bill in a crowded restaurant again.

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She started it, but I’m the one who can’t stop. – Like It’s 1999 by @KarenWhitereads #Audiobook narrated by @cindykay_vo & #RyanWest #BostonClassics #Novella #RomanticComedy #ItsThe80s #FriendsToLovers #MarriagePact

Man, he gets me, because he finishes the Top Gun quote right along with me. – Like It’s 1999 by @KarenWhitereads #Audiobook narrated by @cindykay_vo & #RyanWest #BostonClassics #Novella #RomanticComedy #ItsThe80s #FriendsToLovers #MarriagePact

Falling leads to things that will never work out. – Like It’s 1999 by @KarenWhitereads #Audiobook narrated by @cindykay_vo & #RyanWest #BostonClassics #Novella #RomanticComedy #ItsThe80s #FriendsToLovers #MarriagePact

I swear I could actually feel every single one of my nerve endings firing at once. – Like It’s 1999 by @KarenWhitereads #Audiobook narrated by @cindykay_vo & #RyanWest #BostonClassics #Novella #RomanticComedy #ItsThe80s #FriendsToLovers #MarriagePact

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