Home for the Holidays

He went over the mental math he had done, realized there was none, and wished he had more harpoons on him.

Ashton Macaulay
Home for the Holidays


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Pretty sure it’s the only holiday tale that involves repeated harpoon gun use.

Point of view:
3rd person.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Chronologically, this falls before all of the other Whiteout Universe/Nick Ventner books. Well, Macaulay seems to like to write in whatever order he wants so who knows where this will fit if you find it a year from now – so slot this before A Man of the Mountain. Doesn’t matter – if you’re new to his writing this is a fun look at his style. If you’ve already read everything else (like me!) you can just view the vague mentions of other books as happy little Easter Eggs… er, Christmas presents… Wendigo droppings?

Nick and his trusty apprentice/chauffeur, James, are headed to visit James’ family for the holidays. Unfortunately (and as usual) things are not as merry as they seem. This time the monster has a mate and there’s two Wendigos for the duo to face. Filled with Nick’s irreverent humor, constant inebriation, James’ dry wit, and a trunk full of monster hunting weapons this is a quick & enjoyable holiday short story.

About the author:
Ashton Macaulay is a fiction writer living in Redmond Washington. His works include Whiteout, the tale of drunken monster hunter, Nick Ventner, Man of the Mountain, an intriguing audio drama surrounding a man trying to maintain the Bigfoot legend and various short stories published through Aberrant Literature.

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Does climate change explain why the bear would have fucked with the radio? – Home for the Holidays #Christmas #ShortStory by @RealMacAshton @AberrantLit #Thriller #Suspense #Horror #MonsterHunter #NickVentnerAdventure

He went over the mental math he had done, realized there was none, and wished he had more harpoons on him. – Home for the Holidays #Christmas #ShortStory by @RealMacAshton @AberrantLit #Thriller #Suspense #Horror #MonsterHunter #NickVentnerAdventure

Hey, Nick, they talk. – Home for the Holidays #Christmas #ShortStory by @RealMacAshton @AberrantLit #Thriller #Suspense #Horror #MonsterHunter #NickVentnerAdventure

People will believe anything to avoid a scarier truth. – Home for the Holidays #Christmas #ShortStory by @RealMacAshton @AberrantLit #Thriller #Suspense #Horror #MonsterHunter #NickVentnerAdventure

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