The Lucky One

Even if it’s the worst thing you can imagine, it might still be true.

Lori Rader-Day
The Lucky One


Publisher’s Synopsis:
From the acclaimed author of Under A Dark Sky comes an unforgettable, chilling novel about a young woman who recognizes the man who kidnapped her as a child, setting off a search for justice, and into danger.

As a child, Alice was stolen from her backyard in a tiny Indiana community, but against the odds, her policeman father tracked her down within twenty-four hours and rescued her from harm. In the aftermath of the crime, her family decided to move to Chicago and close the door on that horrible day.

Yet Alice hasn’t forgotten. She devotes her spare time volunteering for a website called The Doe Pages scrolling through pages upon pages of unidentified people, searching for clues that could help reunite families with their missing loved ones. When a face appears on Alice’s screen that she recognizes, she’s stunned to realize it’s the same man who kidnapped her decades ago. The post is deleted as quickly as it appeared, leaving Alice with more questions than answers.

Embarking on a search for the truth, she enlists the help of friends from The Doe Pages to connect the dots and find her kidnapper before he hurts someone else. Then Alice crosses paths with Merrily Cruz, another woman who’s been hunting for answers of her own. Together, they begin to unravel a dark, painful web of lies that will change what they thought they knew—and could cost them everything.

Twisting and compulsively readable, The Lucky One explores the lies we tell ourselves to feel safe.

Point of view:
3rd Person. Alternating perspectives clearly defined, usually by chapter.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
My first listen for 2021 turned out to be absolutely fantastic! This was a narrator motivated pick and I’m thrilled that searching for an audiobook performed by Leslie Howard brought me to discover Lori Rader-Day. This was my favorite kind of mystery/suspense novel. Lots of fascinating characters, complex yet compelling backstories, all melding into a completely unpredictable ending.

I liked and was annoyed by both Alice and Merrily – which I think is what made them truly human and relatable. The secondary characters were equally intriguing. I loved that Rader-Day dropped all these subtle hints about what was coming without ever tipping me off to the mysteries (plural!) that would be revealed. I’m looking forward to listening to this again to find the subtle clues that I likely missed the first time around.

I’ll definitely be adding more Lori Rader-Day to my TBL.

After discovering her through the Dr. Whyte Thriller series – I was already in love with Leslie Howard’s narration style. I think she was the perfect choice for this book. She gives Alice & Merrily, two unique women, separate voices and personalities. Howard also does a fantastic job of evoking emotion and tension which is absolutely necessary for this book.

About the author:
Lori Rader-Day is the Edgar Award-nominated and Anthony and Mary Higgins Clark award-winning author of The Lucky OneUnder a Dark SkyThe Day I DiedLittle Pretty Things, and The Black Hour. She lives in Chicago, where she is co-chair of the mystery readers’ conference Murder and Mayhem in Chicago and the national president of Sisters in Crime.

You can connect with Lori Rader-Day here:

About the Narrator:
Leslie Howard specializes in spiritual nonfiction and self-help, as well as YA, sci-fi, and thrillers. You can connect with her here:

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Even if it’s the worst thing you can imagine, it might still be true. – The Lucky One by @LoriRaderDay #Audiobook #NarratorMotivated by @LeslieHowardVO #Suspense #Mystery #PsychologicalThriller

Sometimes people get loved, whether you think they should or not. People are more than one thing, OK? – The Lucky One by @LoriRaderDay #Audiobook #NarratorMotivated by @LeslieHowardVO #Suspense #Mystery #PsychologicalThriller

If not for bad luck, Alice would have none at all. – The Lucky One by @LoriRaderDay #Audiobook #NarratorMotivated by @LeslieHowardVO #Suspense #Mystery #PsychologicalThriller

She could see every choice every way, both sides, all sides always, every decision splitting off into infinite directions. She was immobilized by choice. – The Lucky One by @LoriRaderDay #Audiobook #NarratorMotivated by @LeslieHowardVO #Suspense #Mystery #PsychologicalThriller

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