Make You Feel My Love

I’m sorry, son, but you’re the slowest mover in the history of slow movers. This has been sitting in front of you your whole life.

Kait Nolan
Make You Feel My Love


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Will danger catapult these lifelong friends to lovers?
Autumn Buchanan has loved Judd all her life. Best friends since they were children, he’s been fulfilling her rescue fantasies for years. But years ago, her dreams of more ended in blood and a nightmare that nearly cost them both their lives.

Now she’s ready to take the leap and profess all to the friend who’s stood by her through thick and thin. But before she can make her confession, their nightmare returns and secrets are revealed that threaten the very fabric of their lifelong friendship.

*Please note, an earlier edition of this book was published as IF I DIDN’T CARE. The book has been rewritten and significantly changed.*

Point of view:
3rd Person. Alternating perspectives, not always by chapter, but it’s clearly defined.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Note: I’m binging the Wishful series and started The Christmas Fountain and quickly realized I missed a book somehow. I’m pretty set on experiencing books in chronological order – so I hopped over to Kait Nolan’s website to find that her Wishful and Wishing For A Hero series start to intertwine about here. (Technically, Make You Feel My Love is before See You Again, but I didn’t notice in that one.) Anywhoo… Nolan has this nifty spreadsheet on her website showing the order if you’re obsessive like me. Also of note is that this book was originally released in 2016 and titled If I Didn’t Care. I haven’t read that version, but she notes in the forward to Make You Feel My Love that she rewrote more than half the book.

Whew! OK. Judd, you silly loveable man. The first third of this book was necessary for background and plot, but infuriating. Judd has pretty much loved Autumn all his life – but after a horrible attack got it into his crazy 17yo brain that he could best support her by being just a friend. More than a decade later and he still hasn’t moved on from his teenage thinking. Much to the consternation of Autumn and the entire town of Wishful.

It’s hard to share without giving away spoilers, but I enjoyed the way Nolan mixed small town, friends to lovers, and romantic suspense. Judd’s current girlfriend can’t take the competition for Judd’s priorities any more (there’s no cheating), he’s named interim police chief, Autumn’s father is released from prison, and Judd’s left trying keep all the plates spinning before they crash down around him. Readers might want to know that with the mystery/suspense aspects this covers some darker subjects than the Wishful series: a history of abuse, a stalker, a kidnapping, and attempted murder. Despite having guessed the plot twist – the second half gripped me and wouldn’t let go.

I loved the HEA and the epilogue. I’m also happy that Nolan is giving poor Mary Alice (Judd’s ex) her own love story in The Christmas Fountain (Wishful #9). While I’m looking forward to Rowan & Nash’s book, Watch Over Me (Wishing for a Hero #2), I have to be honest that I’m particularly interested in Ethan, the US Marshal in his book, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. (I also may have decided Ethan looks like Timothy Olyphant from Justified – so there’s that.)

Another note: If you keep scrolling in the ebook after finishing the story – you’ll find a teaser that Nolan is going to be launching a Romantic Suspense line of books under the pen name Harper Jackson. Sometime in 2021 – after reading this, I can’t wait. You can connect with Harper Jackson here (at the time of this post no titles are listed but you can sign up for announcements):

About the author:
Kait Nolan is a RITA® Award-winning Mississippi author who calls everyone sugar, honey, or darlin’, and can wield a ‘Bless your heart’ like a Snuggie or a saber, depending on requirements. She believes in love, laughter, and that tacos are the world’s most perfect food. When she’s not writing, reading, working the evil day job, or wrangling family (both the two-legged and the four-), you can find her obsessively watching The Great British Bake Off.

You can connect with Kait Nolan here:

My Favorite Quotes

He couldn’t just turn off twenty-five years of protective instincts. – Make You Feel My Love by @kaitnolan #SmallTown #RomanticSuspense #WishingForAHero #Mystery #Police

if we need to hide a body, I’ve gotta change clothes first. – Make You Feel My Love by @kaitnolan #SmallTown #RomanticSuspense #WishingForAHero #Mystery #Police

You have the power to make her stay. You always have. – Make You Feel My Love by @kaitnolan #SmallTown #RomanticSuspense #WishingForAHero #Mystery #Police

I don’t need you to protect me! I need you to love me! – Make You Feel My Love by @kaitnolan #SmallTown #RomanticSuspense #WishingForAHero #Mystery #Police

I’m sorry, son, but you’re the slowest mover in the history of slow movers. This has been sitting in front of you your whole life. – Make You Feel My Love by @kaitnolan #SmallTown #RomanticSuspense #WishingForAHero #Mystery #Police

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