Choosing Her Alpha

Breeders choose, and whether he wanted a bride-mate or not, Sasha had chosen him.

Choosing Her Alpha


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Sasha’s situation has reached critical mass.

Her mother is dying, and her step-father Merrick is a jackal waiting to stake his claim the second she is legal. In her world, Sasha is promised a choice. But if Merrick gets his way she will be married before anyone can protest against it.

Desperate to secure the futures of herself and her workers, Sasha makes a dangerous gamble… She seeks out Constantine Kane, the most feared and respected man in the 12 Sectors.

Sasha has made her choice… Will it be one she lives to regret?

Point of view:
3rd person. Entirely from Sasha’s POV with the exception of two epilogues.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I’ll be honest that I don’t read a lot of M/F Omegaverse due to the fact that I’ve encountered so many with dubious, non-consensual, & or reverse-harem situations and that just isn’t my jam. However someone I follow on Goodreads liked a review of this book that totally piqued my interest. I picked it up fully prepared to DNF or finish it mostly unimpressed.

My sincerest apologies to Isoellen. Whoah! I really enjoyed this book and devoured it in one evening. Minus the epilogue, this is told entirely from omega Sasha’s point of view. She’s recently turned 18 and after learning that her mother and step-father have some horrific plans for her future, she strikes out to find an alternative. The world-building is really well done and I felt like I understood not only the dynamics, but the actual physical look to the various sectors. Readers should be aware that there are many explicit and graphic scenes, but they don’t feel gratuitous nor do they overpower a captivating story.

There were several plot twists that, while completely surprising me, were still fully supported by the storyline. While a part of me wishes that there was a little more time spent between Sasha and her chosen Alpha after the relationship is fully established – this does end in a solid HEA. I’m hooked on the world Isoellen has created and I’ll definitely be working the next book, Her Broken Alpha, into my TBR.

About the author:
Isoellen is just your average, aging child-care worker who drinks too much coffee. Her first romance story was written in 1977 at 8 years old after seeing the movie Star Wars. She knew even then that a rogue on the wrong side of the law was a better mate than the boy on the hero’s journey.

The worlds she creates are violent and sensual, but her characters always find beauty in the decay and romance with intimacy. True-love and happily-ever-after’s are guaranteed.

She lives in the Northwest and can be found looking for the piece of paper she wrote her last Facebook password on.

You can connect with Isoella here:

My Favorite Quotes

Every breeder bears the burden of giving up her sons to the king’s battle. Isn’t that the law? – Choosing Her Alpha by @isoellen #Omegaverse #Dystopian #Romance

Sasha’s father used to say, “Character isn’t like gold. You can’t steal what you don’t have.” – Choosing Her Alpha by @isoellen #Omegaverse #Dystopian #Romance

She looked a little bit like a child’s art project. She grinned. – Choosing Her Alpha by @isoellen #Omegaverse #Dystopian #Romance

Breeders choose, and whether he wanted a bride-mate or not, Sasha had chosen him. – Choosing Her Alpha by @isoellen #Omegaverse #Dystopian #Romance

He was her nest; didn’t he know that by now? – Choosing Her Alpha by @isoellen #Omegaverse #Dystopian #Romance

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