Burn for You

He was strong and capable, and right here, right now, it felt like he could actually protect her from all the slings and arrows people might hurl at her, be her shelter from the storm.

Kait Nolan
Burn for You


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Delaney Newell knows what it means to be powerless. Against the family who wouldn’t support her. Against the man she loved who betrayed her. Against the gossips who won’t let her forget it. But after years of struggling, she’s finally getting her life together.

Sean Murphy has spent years fighting forest fires. The former hotshot turned forester knows the growth that can sprout from unfathomable destruction. That’s what he sees in Delaney—someone who got leveled by life but didn’t stop growing. He’s spent the past several months watching the shy red-head blossom, and he really likes what he sees.

When Delaney is accused of a crime she didn’t commit, everyone is willing to believe the worst of her. Everyone except Sean. The woman he knows couldn’t possibly be behind the rash of fires that are keeping the volunteer fire department hopping. Someone is deliberately framing her. Will Delaney trust him enough to help her find the real culprit?

*Please note, this book was originally published as CAN’T STAND THE RAIN.

Point of view:
3rd Person. Alternating perspectives, not always by chapter, but it’s clearly defined.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Note: Kait Nolan’s Wishful and Wishing For A Hero series intertwine. Nolan has this nifty spreadsheet on her website showing the chronological order if you’re obsessive like me. While I think Nolan does enough explaining that this could stand on its own – there are a mentions of events & characters from the first 3 books as well as other Wishful folks. At a minimum, I’d recommend Can’t Take My Eyes Off You as Delaney is a heavily featured secondary character.

Did I spend all week in Kait Nolan’s Wishing For A Hero series? Yes, I did. And I loved it!

I totally admit that when I’m immersed in a romance/romantic suspense series – it’s usually the men that have me diving into the next story. Not this time. I felt so sorry for Delaney and wished I could wrap her up in a big ol’ hug. Never fear – Nolan sends in firefighter Sean Murphy to remind Delaney how strong she is and to prove that he has her back. It’s a hard fought battle in this friends-to-lovers story as it’s obvious the townsfolk aren’t all willing to forgive past transgressions and a new threat appears to be targeting her.

Again, there’s a nice mix of steamy romance in with a continuous and escalating thriller/suspense element. So steamy – I was pretty sure Sean and Delaney’s dip in the water was going to bring Hope Springs to a boil! Whew!

Sean gets to be the hero more than once and Delaney basks in his unwavering commitment to her. I loved the unique ending that Nolan gave this precious couple. While it wasn’t what I expected, it was definitely perfect for their lives, goals, and relationship.

About the author:
Kait Nolan is a RITA® Award-winning Mississippi author who calls everyone sugar, honey, or darlin’, and can wield a ‘Bless your heart’ like a Snuggie or a saber, depending on requirements. She believes in love, laughter, and that tacos are the world’s most perfect food. When she’s not writing, reading, working the evil day job, or wrangling family (both the two-legged and the four-), you can find her obsessively watching The Great British Bake Off.

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She’d survived worse. She’d survive this. Somehow. – Burn for You by @kaitnolan #SmallTown #RomanticSuspense #WishingForAHero #Mystery #Firefighter

He was strong and capable, and right here, right now, it felt like he could actually protect her from all the slings and arrows people might hurl at her, be her shelter from the storm. – Burn for You by @kaitnolan #SmallTown #RomanticSuspense #WishingForAHero #Mystery #Firefighter

in a dozen small ways, he was constantly proving that he paid attention and he cared about her. – Burn for You by @kaitnolan #SmallTown #RomanticSuspense #WishingForAHero #Mystery #Firefighter

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