The Killer

He was already dead, but in Victor’s opinion there was no such thing as overkill.

Tom Wood
The Killer


Publisher’s Synopsis:
His name is a cover
He has no home
And he kills for a living

Victor is a hitman, a man with no past and no surname. His world is one of paranoia and obsessive attention to detail; his morality lies either dead or dying. No one knows what truly motivates the hunter. No one gets close enough to ask. 

When a Paris job goes spectacularly wrong, Victor finds himself running for his life across four continents, pursued by a kill squad and investigated by secret services from more than one country. With meticulous style, Victor plans his escape . . . and takes the fight to his would-be killers. 

Note: This title has also been published as The Hunter.

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives, not by chapter, but clearly defined.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I have been wanting to sink into another suspense/thriller series that already had a hefty number of published books. (I’ve started several and am waiting for new releases!) So, I took to twitter and asked the awesome folks at Best Thriller Books what they would recommend. While I now have a huge Thriller TBR/L – I immediately jumped on the Victor the Assassin series by Tom Wood to start because it’s narrated by Rob Shapiro.

Through multiple points of view Wood introduces a somewhat likeable antihero in Victor, a variety of CIA directors and agents with questionable motives, potential allies, definite adversaries, and shifting allegiances. I was kept constantly guessing and completely engaged. Also a little angry – I wasn’t always happy about who lived and who didn’t, but that’s generally the case with a good thriller, so it’s a compliment.

At 15 hours, this is a LOT of book and super heavy on the details. I enjoyed Wood’s thoroughness though found myself a little creeped out by it. I’m now going to be paranoid that every ignorably normal person near me is a hit man.  I’m also feeling confident I could add retro safe cracker to my resume as well. It was fascinating and helped bring a level of believability to Victor’s life and world.

*Dear squiggly red line – I know “ignorably” isn’t a word. I don’t care. I’m using it.

Anyway – Not only is this a full and complete story, it actually felt like an entire season’s worth of TV given the number of missions and encounters weaved together. I’m glad I added this to my personal library as it’s the type of audiobook I could listen to multiple times. Wood left things somewhat open-ended by teasing a whole new world of possibilities for Victor and I’m looking forward to more. Next up in the series is a novella, Bad Luck in Berlin (#1.5) and then back to audiobook for The Enemy.

As I expected, Rob Shapiro was fantastic. Wood has created a HUGE number of characters and I felt Shapiro did a wonderful job of giving them unique voices and amplifying their personalities. I appreciate his ability to use accents when necessary and pronounce locations with ease as the characters traveled to a variety of countries.

About the author:
You can connect with Tom Wood here:

About the narrator:
Rob Shapiro is a voice actor, narrator, songwriter and performer living in Los Angeles, but he’s really everywhere.

You can connect with Rob Shapiro here:

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At times like this there was no such thing as too many guns. – The Killer by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #CIA TY for the rec @BestThrillBooks & @kashif1307

The face that stared back at him in the mirror was no longer his. Altered so many times he couldn’t remember what he truly looked liked. Sometimes he was glad for that. – The Killer by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #CIA TY for the rec @BestThrillBooks & @kashif1307

I am the bad guy. – The Killer by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #CIA TY for the rec @BestThrillBooks & @kashif1307

He was already dead, but in Victor’s opinion there was no such thing as overkill. – The Killer by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #CIA TY for the rec @BestThrillBooks & @kashif1307

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