The Promise of a Kiss

He’d always been a little bit in awe of Jeanette; now he realized he was falling a little bit in love with her, too.

Synithia Williams
The Promise of a Kiss


Publisher’s Synopsis:
They’ve worked together for years. But one weekend away will change everything…

Dominic Ferrell is the ultimate fixer. If a problem has to disappear, Dominic is the one to call. So when senatorial candidate Byron Robidoux needs help tracking down a woman from his past, Dominic can’t resist taking the job and enlisting the best PI he knows to help. It’s an open-and-shut case…or at least it was supposed to be.

From the moment Dominic walks into her office, six feet of cool, confident, magnetism, Jeanette knows she’s in for some delicious trouble. He may want to approach the woman they’re hired to find on his own, but Jeanette has a hunch about this case—and she’s never ever wrong. They either finish this together…or not at all.

What begins as a simple work trip soon turns into something far more fun—and more complicated. And as the sparks between them ignite, nothing will ever be the same. But will Dominic and Jeanette get burned?

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives between Dominic and Jeanette, not always by chapter but clearly defined.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Careless Whispers – Book 3 of Synithia Williams’ Jackson Falls series is coming out on March 30th and I need to catch up! The Promise of a Kiss is a prequel novella for the series – however I read it after listening to book 1, Forbidden Promises. Which worked out fine as this really is more of a set-up for book 2, Scandalous Secrets.

This novella is a good look at Williams’ writing – which I adore! Though, due to the length it wasn’t as high on the glorious soap-opera-ey drama as the main books. Still, it was an enjoyable read and I loved this friends-to-lovers, can we be more, both been burned romance. I loved that Dominic and Jeanette are both mature and open in their communication. While the book takes place over only a few days – not only do they have a long standing friendship and business relationship, but they go on this epic “first date” that really helped me connect with them as characters and as a couple. There’s a few steamy scenes, lots of laughs, a misstep, and a grand gesture to round out this lovely novella.

I’m also invested in hearing more about Byron and Zoe and I’m looking forward to listening to Scandalous Secrets.

About the author:
Synithia has loved romance novels since reading her first one at the age of 13. It was only natural she would begin penning her own soon after. It wasn’t until 2010 that she began to actively pursue her dream of becoming a published author. Synithia has also written two books under the pseudonym Nita Brooks. When she isn’t writing, she works on water quality issues for local government while balancing the needs of her husband and two sons.

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My Favorite Quotes

Dominic, with his drive to dig out the truth in every situation, would graduate with honors from the superhero college. – The Promise of a Kiss by @SynithiaW #Drama #Romance #JacksonFalls #FriendsToLovers #Novella #PrivateInvestigator

The urge to kiss that smug look off her face rammed him like a thousand-pound bull. – The Promise of a Kiss by @SynithiaW #Drama #Romance #JacksonFalls #FriendsToLovers #Novella #PrivateInvestigator

 I’d rather earn your trust than barge in and try to take what I can get. – The Promise of a Kiss by @SynithiaW #Drama #Romance #JacksonFalls #FriendsToLovers #Novella #PrivateInvestigator

She wasn’t about to let him go back into work mode after picking up the gauntlet she’d haphazardly thrown. – The Promise of a Kiss by @SynithiaW #Drama #Romance #JacksonFalls #FriendsToLovers #Novella #PrivateInvestigator

He’d always been a little bit in awe of Jeanette; now he realized he was falling a little bit in love with her, too. – The Promise of a Kiss by @SynithiaW #Drama #Romance #JacksonFalls #FriendsToLovers #Novella #PrivateInvestigator

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