The Enemy

Hoping for the best was a privilege reserved for regular citizens and dead assassins.

Tom Wood
The Enemy


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Victor, a former assassin-for-hire, has joined forces with a CIA special unit. His first assignment: Three strangers. Three hits. Fast and clean. Victor’s a natural for this. It should have been simple. But with each hit Victor is plunged deeper into an unimaginable conspiracy where no one, least of all the people he knows, can be trusted. With the stakes growing higher by the minute, Victor realizes he’s been forced into playing a game he never expected. Because he’s the next target. And there’s no way out.

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives, not by chapter, but clearly defined.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
OK, I’m now fully in love with Tom Wood’s writing and Victor as a character. Not only are these books full of terrific action, suspense, & thriller aspects – but Victor’s internal thought process is fascinating. Anticipatory Forensics. He has this way of breaking down everything that could happen in every scenario and why he does the things that he does. He’s not perfect or untouchable – but the fact that he’s so successful in what seem like impossible situations is believable because Wood fully establishes Victor’s expertise and experience.

I love that, even while we’re getting a look into the minds and actions of others – it’s not always easy to tell who is responsible for what. There are a lot of surprises throughout the book. At almost 15 hours – it’s a lot of story, but I feel engaged the entire time. I have a hard time when I need to push pause and look forward to jumping back in. Wood tosses in a little dry humor and irony that helps me crack a smile even during very intense scenes.

I’ve already purchased book 2.5, Gone by Dawn.

Rob Shapiro was fantastic again. Victor is very cerebral and Shapiro has this wonderful way of presenting it so that I can appreciate that Victor still has humanity, personality, and wit. Wood has a lot of characters with a variety of accents and Shapiro keeps them consistent even from book 1, The Killer, which makes these audiobooks easy to binge.

About the author:
You can connect with Tom Wood here:

About the narrator:
Rob Shapiro is a voice actor, narrator, songwriter and performer living in Los Angeles, but he’s really everywhere.

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My Favorite Quotes

The book wasn’t that good anyway—some thriller with too much talking and not enough killing. – The Enemy by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe @Kobo #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #CIA

The shock wave traveled outward with an explosive velocity of more than eight thousand yards per second, obliterating the tank, and everything inside the room. – The Enemy by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe @Kobo #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #CIA

If he’d needed a comfortable bed and a good eight hours’ uninterrupted sleep each day to be at the top of his game he would have died a long time ago. – The Enemy by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe @Kobo #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #CIA

in Victor’s experience, whatever a bullet’s characteristics, two in the chest and one in the head stopped anyone. – The Enemy by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe @Kobo #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #CIA

Hoping for the best was a privilege reserved for regular citizens and dead assassins. – The Enemy by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe @Kobo #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #CIA

Surprises were high on Victor’s list of personal and professional dislikes, but that the man he’d recently saved from assassination was the man he now had to assassinate was perhaps the height of both. – The Enemy by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe @Kobo #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #CIA

When my actions become predictable, my life will fall into the past tense. – The Enemy by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe @Kobo #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #CIA

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