Black Knight: Perdition

If you’re conscious and you’re experiencing it then who’s to tell you what’s real and what’s fake?

Christian J. Gilliland
Black Knight: Perdition


Publisher’s Synopsis:
When death came knocking, the Black Knight wasn’t ready…

It didn’t matter how strong or fierce he was, Crinnan Jamiso couldn’t escape the inevitability of his demise. It descended upon him quickly and unexpectedly, and before he knew it he found himself ascending into the sky, finally free of the chains of life. Little did he know, the afterlife had chains of its own.

Heaven cast him out. The fires of the Hells, however, do not discriminate. When Crinnan finds himself ripped free of his flesh and burning in the unending inferno of the Hells, he quickly realizes that the subjugation he fought in life was nothing compared to the torment that the demons below had in store for him.

Empowered by an unknown virus and guided by faceless voices, Crinnan embarks on a quest to return to his life back in the real world. He quickly discovers that the demons that seek to stop him are the citizens of the very Empire he fought against back home. To survive, Crinnan must play their game. He must use the skills he learned while alive, learn to embrace the help of others, and overcome his greatest fears if he has any hope of returning home.

Does Crinnan have what it takes to endure the greatest and most difficult challenge of his life? Can he learn to trust those that guide him and turn the cyber-hell on its back? Or will he succumb and ultimately fall to the madness that oh so eagerly calls his name…

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives, but mostly Crinnan’s.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
First, if you’re one of those folks who is (understandably) leery of books narrated by the author – don’t be here! Christian J. Gilliland’s writing is wonderful, but the narration is fantastic. More on that later…

I’m still kind of new to LitRPG/GamerLit – but as an avid reader/listener & gamer mom, I’m finding it a fun genre to experience. While this is the first book launching a series and the ending definitely leaves open many more adventures to come – it doesn’t feel like a cliffhanger. It’s very much like a video game in that there are multiple quests all tied together to accomplish a larger goal combined with the epic fantasy elements of something like Lord of the Rings. Gilliland has created a dynamic world and a vast cast of characters. He also has a terrific sense of humor. Crinnan’s interactions with Dali were particularly hysterical. And the usernames. Spit. my. coffee.

CW: It’s listed as “dark” though nothing really caught me by surprise. I guess because it really is like so many of the games I enjoy with our kids – there’s battles, death, & some gore. Cursing pretty consistent with any discord server. There is mention of off page sexual assault, but I felt it made up a fairly small part of the story.

I’m looking forward to more of this series when it’s released.

This is a duet narration with Gilliland and Dansare Marks. Both were new to me – but I was blown away by this production. Not only in how many different voices & personalities both narrators performed, but also in the subtle use of sound effects. Nothing that overpowered the story, but it definitely lent it some added depth. It was a truly enjoyable experience. I would also love to check out more work by both of them.

While I own the ebook, I did receive a free copy of the audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

About the author:
You can connect with Christian J. Gilliland here:

About the narrator:
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My Favorite Quotes

Heaven was only the beginning of Crinnan’s damnation and there was nothing he could do about it. – Black Knight: Perdition by @xiantology #Audiobook narrated by #ChristianJGilliland & @dansare #LitRPG #GamerLit #EpicFantasy #Cyberpunk

“Hi!” The strange voice chirped. “Hey, how is it going?” “It’s… pretty fucking bad?” – Black Knight: Perdition by @xiantology #Audiobook narrated by #ChristianJGilliland & @dansare #LitRPG #GamerLit #EpicFantasy #Cyberpunk

“Say skip.” Lucaas urged Crinnan. “By the Brothers, please say skip unless you want to sit through thirty minutes of scripture.” – Black Knight: Perdition by @xiantology #Audiobook narrated by #ChristianJGilliland & @dansare #LitRPG #GamerLit #EpicFantasy #Cyberpunk

“Hey, that’s lower than it was before!” Crinnan snapped as he heard the information read out to him. “What the fuck!” – Black Knight: Perdition by @xiantology #Audiobook narrated by #ChristianJGilliland & @dansare #LitRPG #GamerLit #EpicFantasy #Cyberpunk

“The Hells is stupid.” Crinnan sighed. “The monsters back home are much better than they are here.” – Black Knight: Perdition by @xiantology #Audiobook narrated by #ChristianJGilliland & @dansare #LitRPG #GamerLit #EpicFantasy #Cyberpunk

“Never in my life have I had an axe flying toward my head! That was so amazing, I bet I’m the only one here who’s ever had that happen!!” “Nope.” – Black Knight: Perdition by @xiantology #Audiobook narrated by #ChristianJGilliland & @dansare #LitRPG #GamerLit #EpicFantasy #Cyberpunk

He felt himself turning to ash and blowing away… and then finally… there was nothing. Silence… Darkness… It was over. – Black Knight: Perdition by @xiantology #Audiobook narrated by #ChristianJGilliland & @dansare #LitRPG #GamerLit #EpicFantasy #Cyberpunk

What’s it matter? If you’re conscious and you’re experiencing it then who’s to tell you what’s real and what’s fake? – Black Knight: Perdition by @xiantology #Audiobook narrated by #ChristianJGilliland & @dansare #LitRPG #GamerLit #EpicFantasy #Cyberpunk

What have you experienced in the Hells so far that would lead you to believe that any of it is grounded in reality? – Black Knight: Perdition by @xiantology #Audiobook narrated by #ChristianJGilliland & @dansare #LitRPG #GamerLit #EpicFantasy #Cyberpunk

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