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Was it possible to be friends and burn with desire for someone this badly?

H J Perry
Home Goal


Publisher’s Synopsis:
In the closet…

Career-focused Jason Tant has given up on love to play football at the highest level: His team is in the Premiership, and Jason also plays for the English national team (even though his mother is Spanish). He doesn’t want to be the poster boy for LGBT people in sport – and his advisors have told him that coming out will ruin his career. It’s not an issue until Scott captures Jason’s heart and turns his world around.

Out and proud…

With a carefree, live-for-today attitude, Scott Cole was never in the closet. Funny, clever, and a terrific dancer, the science student has many talent, but the man he loves requires something else – discretion. They seem an unlikely couple, but neither can resist the chemistry that draws them together.

Under scrutiny…

Prying paparazzi are everywhere, determined to out gay footballers. Scott questions whether he and Jason need to keep their love a secret when professional British sportsmen in other fields are coming out. Will Jason have to choose between love and his career? Or will the tabloids destroy them both?

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives by chapter.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
HJ Perry is a new author for me. I grabbed this duo after enjoying Piers Ryman in The District Line series.

Perry’s writing here is a series of vignettes and that sometimes left me feeling like jumps were too long or some foundational events were missing. Though, as I got more into the story, I found it an interesting approach and ultimately enjoyed getting to know Jason and Scott.

Due to his profession Jason is in the closet and it eventually wears on Scott. While I definitely felt conflicted for both of these guys and the utterly horrible position they were in – the overall story didn’t drag out the angst.

There’s a lovely HFN and a tease for book 2, My Goal, which I immediately started.

Piers Ryman does a good job here. Almost all the characters are male and giving them all various accents, inflections, and personalities helped keep them straight for me.

About the author:
HJ Perry lives by the English seaside BUT is learning to accept having words translated into American for an international audience. Writes about people and their relationships, in the romance genre. Challenging, thought-provoking and sometimes funny.

You will find lust, sex, desire and love in these books and always a happy ending.
Often a happy start, happy middle and very little angst too.
They are for an adult audience.

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My Favorite Quotes

Okay, let’s be clear. You think he’s gay and shy or even in the closet, and you think lewd gestures like that are the way to seduce him? – Home Goal by @HelenJPerry #Audiobook narrated by #PiersRyman #MM #SportsRomance #OppositesAttract

Was it possible to be friends and burn with desire for someone this badly? – Home Goal by @HelenJPerry #Audiobook narrated by #PiersRyman #MM #SportsRomance #OppositesAttract

I believe making out in front of the TV is what babysitting is all about. – Home Goal by @HelenJPerry #Audiobook narrated by #PiersRyman #MM #SportsRomance #OppositesAttract

I didn’t know who I was anymore because on a day-to-day basis what he did for his job determined our life. – Home Goal by @HelenJPerry #Audiobook narrated by #PiersRyman #MM #SportsRomance #OppositesAttract

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