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If I could choose my stalker, it would be you.

H J Perry
My Goal


Publisher’s Synopsis:
A story of first love. A gay friends-to-lovers romance between two closeted soccer players.

He’s cocky, he’s arrogant, he’s entitled to his big ego. He an international footballer and a multimillionaire. Carlos Garcia’s a huge success on and off the pitch, and he’s got it all. Joining a new football club, he wants his teammates to like him, especially the one man who sets his pulse racing.

As the quietest guy on the football team, Harry Carter avoids attention. He’s so scared of people finding out he’s gay that he’s made sure there are just clothes in his closet. He has nothing to hide, there’s no history, no past, no secret boyfriend, not even a one-night stand. Ever.

Things are changing. Outside of work, Harry’s best friends are a discreet gay couple, but how is Harry going to keep all the secrets when the new guy on the football team keeps hanging around?

Why exactly does Carlos sit next to Harry at every opportunity?

A stand-alone story with a happily ever-after ending and no cliffhanger.

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives by chapter.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I listened to this immediately after Home Goal and enjoyed it even more. While a bit shorter, I think Perry’s writing here is more detailed and that helped me really connect with Carlos and Harry.

While both are footballers, they have entirely different personalities. Carlos is outgoing and the life of the party while Harry keeps his head down and his secrets to himself. Together, they were the absolute sweetest couple and it was so much fun hanging out with them. This is really low angst – though there’s several different times for each of them to “come out” to family and friends.

Perry included a fabulous epilogue many years later that solidifies the HFN for Carlos & Harry as well as Scott & Jason from book 1. I loved it.

Piers Ryman kept the character voices consistent from the first book which made these really easy to listen to over consecutive days.

About the author:
HJ Perry lives by the English seaside BUT is learning to accept having words translated into American for an international audience. Writes about people and their relationships, in the romance genre. Challenging, thought-provoking and sometimes funny.

You will find lust, sex, desire and love in these books and always a happy ending.
Often a happy start, happy middle and very little angst too.
They are for an adult audience.

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If I could choose my stalker, it would be you. – My Goal by @HelenJPerry #Audiobook narrated by #PiersRyman #MM #SportsRomance #OppositesAttract #FriendsToLovers

He looks like he wants to have you for breakfast if he hasn’t already. – My Goal by @HelenJPerry #Audiobook narrated by #PiersRyman #MM #SportsRomance #OppositesAttract #FriendsToLovers

Introducing the person you love most as if they were just a friend is really not a nice feeling, and we’ve all been there. – My Goal by @HelenJPerry #Audiobook narrated by #PiersRyman #MM #SportsRomance #OppositesAttract #FriendsToLovers

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