The Game

He had made a mistake. A mistake that was going to kill him.

Tom Wood
The Game


Publisher’s Synopsis:

After executing a hit on a fellow assassin in Algiers, Victor—the world’s deadliest hit man—is contracted by the CIA for an assignment that will take him across Europe to the blood-stained streets of Rome…and straight into hell.


Victor must pose as his previous—and very much dead—target to figure out who the killer’s next victim was going to be. But what was supposed to be a quick operation soon becomes much more complicated and treacherous.


Forced to work with a group of ruthless mercenaries, Victor will face a choice he would rather not make: do the right thing, or sacrifice the only thing in the world he truly cares about—his own life.

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives, not by chapter, but clearly defined.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
The Game is book 3 in Tom Wood’s Victor the Assassin series. While it stands well on it’s own – there are some smaller storylines that run through the series that would make these best enjoyed in order.

This is another fantastic addition to the series. I really enjoy Wood’s writing not only from a character development and pacing aspect – but his ability to keep me on my toes guessing what will happen next. It’s unpredictable, yet still consistent with previous facts and Victor’s established personality.

Two seemingly separate storylines converge, antagonists that you love to hate, and several minor action packed scenes culminate into an operation that proceeds with all the finesse and cunning I’ve come to expect from Victor.

My only complaint is that it’s SO HARD to find a stopping place in these books when it’s time to shift gears for sleep. My solution is to just ignore the world and listen in two days. But then… there’s the next book.

Rob Shapiro was perfect again. There are even more characters & accents here which he handles consistently. The combination of Shapiro’s narration with Wood’s writing makes these easy to binge.

About the author:
You can connect with Tom Wood here:

About the narrator:
Rob Shapiro is a voice actor, narrator, songwriter and performer living in Los Angeles, but he’s really everywhere.

You can connect with Rob Shapiro here:

My Favorite Quotes

He had made a mistake. A mistake that was going to kill him. – The Game by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe @Kobo #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #CIA

I’ve given you the courtesy of not killing you or your men because of your relationship with Procter. And that’s a courtesy I’ll only grant once. – The Game by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe @Kobo #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #CIA

Are you always this pedantic or am I a special case? – The Game by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe @Kobo #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #CIA

Victor wondered what conclusions he’d come to and why the involvement of the two of them in a firefight in the middle of Rome didn’t compromise whatever it was they were here for. – The Game by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe @Kobo #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #CIA

You okay with the word butt? – The Game by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe @Kobo #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #CIA

He lay paralyzed from the neck down and drowned in his own blood. – The Game by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe @Kobo #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #CIA

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