The Darkest Day

For all the dangers of his profession being chained to a desk five days a week seemed a far worse kind of hell.

Tom Wood
The Darkest Day


Publisher’s Synopsis:
He is darkness. She wants him dead.
In a city starved of light, she might just succeed.

She moves like a shadow; she kills silently: Raven. This elegant assassin has been on the run for years. This time though, she has picked the wrong target. 

The hitman known only as ‘Victor’ is as paranoid as he is merciless, and is no stranger to being hunted. He tracks his would-be killer across the globe, aiming not only to neutralise the threat, but to discover who wants him dead. The trail leads to New York…

And then the lights go out.

Over twelve hours of unremitting darkness, Manhattan dissolves into chaos. Amid looting, conspiracy and blackout, Victor and Raven play a vicious game of cat and mouse that the city will never forget.

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives, not by chapter, but clearly defined.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
The Darkest Day is the 5th Victor the Assassin book by Tom Wood. While there are tiny details from other books – you really could listen to this one completely on its own. I don’t know why anyone would want to just jump in here… but hey – go wild!

The only issue with binging these books is that the reviews are feeling super repetitive. I love Wood’s writing. I love Victor as a character. I enjoy being totally immersed in the action scenes. I don’t enjoy being wrong when I think I’ve guessed where things are going and I’m surprised by what happens – but that’s a personality flaw and not derision of Wood’s writing.

This book differs from the others in that Victor finds himself begrudgingly teamed up with someone alarmingly like himself in skill and purpose. Which is definitely hard considering Victor doesn’t trust anyone, least of all Raven. Overall a lot of big-action antihero fun.

Rob Shapiro continues to do a fantastic job. I honestly can’t imagine reading these to myself. All the accents, emotions – there’s no way I could do the writing justice. I’m drawn in and immersed from opening to end.

About the author:
You can connect with Tom Wood here:

About the narrator:
Rob Shapiro is a voice actor, narrator, songwriter and performer living in Los Angeles, but he’s really everywhere.

You can connect with Rob Shapiro here:

My Favorite Quotes

A significant part of his life was spent acting; even so, pretending he was just another regular guy while maintaining a permanent guard was a difficult balance to achieve. – The Darkest Day by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense

For all the dangers of his profession being chained to a desk five days a week seemed a far worse kind of hell. – The Darkest Day by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense

I’m the worst enemy you’ll ever have. – The Darkest Day by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense

Soaked with rainwater was always preferable to being soaked with his own blood. – The Darkest Day by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense

It would be bordering on cruel to kill someone so clueless. – The Darkest Day by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense

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