King’s Ransom

He’d liked being the kind of shiny that she’d made him feel when he saw himself through her adoring eyes.

Suzanne Brockmann
King’s Ransom

ebook & Audiobook

Publisher’s Synopsis:
In Frisco’s Kid, Tasha Francisco was a strong-willed, independent child, thrown into the temporary care of her Navy SEAL uncle, Alan “Frisco” Francisco.

Years older, but still just a kid himself, Thomas King lived nearby. Tasha took one look and declared she’d marry him someday. Thomas wasn’t quite so sure about that.

Now Tasha’s a strong-willed, independent young woman, and Thomas is an officer and a hospital corpsman with SEAL Team Ten.

When Tasha’s Uncle Alan asks Thomas for a favor—to help keep his niece safe as she travels to a remote ski lodge with her wealthy boyfriend’s royal family—Thomas grimly accepts his role as Tasha’s bodyguard. But things go horribly, terribly wrong, and Thomas and Tasha find themselves alone together in the freezing wilderness, on the run from the dangerous men who want her dead.

Thomas knows only one thing for sure: He’ll sacrifice everything and anything to keep Tasha safe.

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives by Thomas, Tasha, and Rio. Always clearly defined.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Squeals with delight! I know that Suzanne Brockmann has been super busy with many projects and I also understand from stalking following authors on social media that you can’t write when the characters aren’t speaking to you. However, I am super duper happy that Thomas & Tasha’s story is here. I was not disappointed at all. This will be one I’ll listen to over and over again. It’s a tie with Admiral’s Bride for being my favorite of the series.

First, understand that Brockmann did some time-bending here. This takes place shortly after the other books in the series despite being written 4 years after Seal Camp and 18 years after Night Watch. I really didn’t have any issues with it at all. It also helps to keep in mind that the TDD books have a different “feel” than the Troubleshooters books. I felt she kept it consistent with that approach.

While Brockmann does enough “filling in” that you could listen to this completely on its own – the background of this is established in Frisco’s Kid. When Tasha & Thomas first meet, he’s a teen and she’s 5. There are a lot of memories shared that help take this relationship completely out of the creepy category. I appreciated and loved that.

As usual, this writing is hilarious. I adore Brockmann’s sense of humor. She’s also brilliant at worldbuilding while still keeping the listener completely engaged. There’s a wonderful mix of action, suspense, thriller, communication, relationship, and steamy scenes.

Overall just a great production. She teases a potential future for the series and I’ll definitely keep my eye out for Rio and Dave stories.

Dion Graham is a new but perfect addition to Brockmann’s narrating team. His style works well with Melanie Ewbank and Patrick Lawlor. A wide range of voices, accents, emotions, and giving each character their own unique sound. It was a delight to listen to.

About the author:
After childhood plans to become the captain of a starship didn’t pan out, Suzanne Brockmann took her fascination with military history, her respect for the men and women who serve, her reverence for diversity, and her love of storytelling, and explored brave new worlds as a bestselling romance author. Over the past twenty-five years she has written more than fifty-five novels, including her award-winning Troubleshooters series about Navy SEAL heroes and the women—and sometimes men—who win their hearts.

You can connect with Suzanne Brockmann here: (Rellim’s note: She’s most active on Twitter.)

About the narrators:
You can connect with Melanie Ewbank here:

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My Favorite Quotes

You know that expression, Walk softly, but carry a big stick? You’re kinda my big stick. – King’s Ransom @SuzBrockmann #audiobook narrated by #DionGraham @EwbankMelanie @PLawlorAudio #TDD #SEALs #RomanticSuspense #AgeGap #Thriller

Five years after his very adamant hell-no-this-is-not-happening, she was still mortified. – King’s Ransom @SuzBrockmann #audiobook narrated by #DionGraham @EwbankMelanie @PLawlorAudio #TDD #SEALs #RomanticSuspense #AgeGap #Thriller

“You’re not removing a piercing from my—” “Hoo-yah,” he said. “I’ve never heard it called that. But go, Navy SEALs.” – King’s Ransom @SuzBrockmann #audiobook narrated by #DionGraham @EwbankMelanie @PLawlorAudio #TDD #SEALs #RomanticSuspense #AgeGap #Thriller

He’d liked being the kind of shiny that she’d made him feel when he saw himself through her adoring eyes. – King’s Ransom @SuzBrockmann #audiobook narrated by #DionGraham @EwbankMelanie @PLawlorAudio #TDD #SEALs #RomanticSuspense #AgeGap #Thriller

There was no doubt about it—this smelled of diversion. Of trickery. Of total goatfuckery. – King’s Ransom @SuzBrockmann #audiobook narrated by #DionGraham @EwbankMelanie @PLawlorAudio #TDD #SEALs #RomanticSuspense #AgeGap #Thriller

Everyone knew that in an apocalyptic world, hoarded toilet paper was a king-maker. – King’s Ransom @SuzBrockmann #audiobook narrated by #DionGraham @EwbankMelanie @PLawlorAudio #TDD #SEALs #RomanticSuspense #AgeGap #Thriller

“Why is the package speaking? We’ve been assigned to deliver it safely, so s-squared, package.” – King’s Ransom @SuzBrockmann #audiobook narrated by #DionGraham @EwbankMelanie @PLawlorAudio #TDD #SEALs #RomanticSuspense #AgeGap #Thriller

They’ve done studies. People can endure more pain if they swear. – King’s Ransom @SuzBrockmann #audiobook narrated by #DionGraham @EwbankMelanie @PLawlorAudio #TDD #SEALs #RomanticSuspense #AgeGap #Thriller

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