Method Acting

When I thought how sexy tuxes were, I had no idea how sexy half a tux could be.

Adele Buck
Method Acting


Publisher’s Synopsis:
All the world’s a stage until your heart is on the line.

All Alicia Johnson has ever wanted is to be able to slip into someone else’s life, clothing, and makeup to become a murderess, a socialite, a mother, or a nurse for an episode or a season.  And she’s good at it.

Being an actress comes with a healthy dose of financial insecurity and a willingness to live out of two jammed suitcases, ready to go wherever the next director wants her. Up until now, it’s been worth it for the creative escape and the thrill of applause.

All Colin St. Cyr has ever wanted is to win, going all-in to get Congress to see things his clients’ way.  Despite being a Brit in Washington, D.C., he is well off, well connected…and well on his way to becoming a boring bachelor forevermore after a heinous breakup.

Especially as he’s just made an arse of himself with the first woman who has knocked him sideways in years.  It won’t matter how much money he donates to the theater; Alicia Johnson is still going to look at him like a goddess looks at a flea.

The only thing he can do is use his highly attuned persuasive skills to talk her into giving him a second chance.

The stage is set, but by the final act, is it a love story between the provocative actress and the cultured power-player or will it end in tragedy?

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives, not by chapter but clearly defined.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This book was angstier than the first and Alicia was a prickly character which made it difficult to connect at first. However, I think it also gave her a depth. This was a true “opposites attract” as Colin & Alicia were different in so many ways. Yet I was still able to believe in them as a couple. Sexy scenes to enjoy without taking over the story. Plus an epilogue. I love them. 

About the author:
Adele Buck/Buchanan is the author of several novels. Her debut, Acting Up, will be released in January 2021.

Articles by Adele have been featured in Frolic and All the Kissing.

When not writing, Adele is a librarian at a Washington, D.C. law school. Prior to that, she had a short stint as an index editor and over a dozen years in corporate communications and executive relationship management. Even prior to that, she was an actress and stage manager.

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She felt safe, treasured. It was terrifying. And exhilarating. – Method Acting by @_AdeleBuck #CenterStage #Theater #RomanticComedy

When I thought how sexy tuxes were, I had no idea how sexy half a tux could be. – Method Acting by @_AdeleBuck #CenterStage #Theater #RomanticComedy

Everything that now has a pedigree was new once. And just because something is new doesn’t mean it’s inferior. – Method Acting by @_AdeleBuck #CenterStage #Theater #RomanticComedy

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