A Time to Die

I still have five years and 350 days before you are allowed to criticize my pace.

Tom Wood
A Time to Die


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Now indentured to MI6, Victor’s first job is to eliminate Milan Rados, a former Serbian army commander wanted for war crimes. Victor hopes to exploit Rados’s drug smuggling for the mission. When he finds that Rados is actually trafficking women, his perfect plan unravels and he barely makes it out alive. He’s not alone. Victor manages to rescue a woman, Ana, who wants nothing more than to help him and get revenge against her former tormentors. And though Victor’s reluctant to team with anyone-least of all a civilian-he needs her help to track down Rados. But a deadly enemy from Victor’s past is about to catch up with him. And he’s about to be more vulnerable than ever before.

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives, not by chapter, but clearly defined.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
A Time to Die is the 6th Victor the Assassin book by Tom Wood. This is another one that stands on it’s own – though you’d probably want to read/listen in order.

This one is a little darker than previous books – beyond assassins and the mob, this plot also involves human trafficking including sexual slavery. While I didn’t consider it overly descriptive, folks sensitive to such themes should be aware. (If you need to skip this subject, as far as I can tell – you could skip this book and still be fine understanding the series.)

It’s all new action, suspense, and thriller elements yet being completely consistent with Victor’s established personality. Despite all his planning and propensity to anticipate all possible scenarios – Victor finds himself much closer to his target than he could have imagined. He’s also faced with threats from multiple angles.

I love that Wood pulls you in from the opening line…

Killing was the easy part, getting away with it was the true skill. – A Time to Die by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #MI6

… and then never lets go. Wonderful mix of mystery, suspense, thriller, and Victor’s trademark dry humor.

Rob Shapiro continues to be a great match for Wood’s writing. One of the things that really struck me about this narration was the subtle shift in how Shapiro performed various POVs. Not only does this help keep each character’s perspective easy to distinguish – he does a really chilling voice for Krieger enhancing his menacing persona.

About the author:
You can connect with Tom Wood here:

About the narrator:
Rob Shapiro is a voice actor, narrator, songwriter and performer living in Los Angeles, but he’s really everywhere.

You can connect with Rob Shapiro here:

My Favorite Quotes

Surviving had become unbreakable habit long ago. – A Time to Die by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #MI6

Somewhat ruthless for a nation without the death penalty, don’t you think? – A Time to Die by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #MI6

Psychopaths were usually narcissists. – A Time to Die by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #MI6

I still have five years and 350 days before you are allowed to criticize my pace. – A Time to Die by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #MI6

Life was but one lesson after another. Test followed by test. – A Time to Die by @TheTomWood #Audiobook narrated by @RobuLuxe #VictorTheAssassin #Thriller #Suspense #MI6

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