Hong Kong Black

Whether you’re waiting for salvation or waiting to die, five minutes is an eternity.

Alex Ryan
Hong Kong Black


At the time of this review – the audiobook is available to borrow through Audible Plus.

Publisher’s Synopsis:
Former Navy SEAL Nick Foley reluctantly agrees to help investigate when American CIA operative Peter Yu goes missing in China. But when Yu’s mutilated body washes up on a beach near Hong Kong, along with dozens of other victims, the case takes a macabre turn. Suddenly, Nick finds himself embroiled in another bio-terrorism investigation being conducted by China’s elite Snow Leopard counter-terrorism unit and the Chinese CDC, this time involving illegally-harvested organs for an unknown and nefarious end.

But Nick’s investigation does not go unnoticed, and soon he finds a target on his back. After thwarting an attempt on his life, he is forced to go off the grid and enlist the help of beautiful CDC microbiologist Dr. Dazhong “Dash” Chen to help unmask his would be killer. On the run and looking for answers, their budding romance is tested at every turn.

With each step closer they take to unmasking the truth, Nick and Dash find themselves drawn deeper into a global conspiracy that began over two thousand years ago with the First Emperor of China and now threatens to upset the world order as they know it in Hong Kong Black, the heart-pounding sequel to Alex Ryan’s Beijing Red.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is the second book in the Nick Foley series by Alex Ryan. While you could listen to this all on its own – characters and relationships are introduced in Beijing Red that would be better experienced first.

Nick finds himself teaming up with both the CIA and the Snow Leopards despite trying desperately to avoid both. Dash is brought into an investigation pointing to the horrific practice of harvesting organs from unwilling donors. I enjoyed the pacing including interspersing of medical, military, and political elements. The story kept me guessing and engaged.

There is definitely a budding romance between Dash and Nick, concurrent missions keep them apart for most of the story. This is best enjoyed when in the mood for a romantic suspense/thriller where the romance is closed door and a smaller part of the overall themes of the story.

While this is a complete and enjoyable story – the ending does leave some questions unanswered and definitely teases a continuation. Unfortunately, at this time, it doesn’t appear there are any plans to add to Nick Foley’s adventures. Maybe someday…

MacLeod Andrews narration is again perfect for this story. I enjoyed his ability to shift seamlessly between accents and characters. He also does a fantastic job with the variety of emotions – specifically a few scenes that were absolutely heart wrenching.

About the authors:
ALEX RYAN is a pseudonym for the best-selling coauthor team of Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson.

Brian Andrews is a US Navy veteran, Park Leadership Fellow, and former submarine officer with a psychology degree from Vanderbilt and a masters in business from Cornell University. He is the author of three critically acclaimed high-tech thrillers: Reset, The Infiltration Game, and The Calypso Directive.

Jeffrey Wilson has worked as an actor, firefighter, paramedic, jet pilot, and diving instructor, as well as a vascular and trauma surgeon. He served in the US Navy for fourteen years and made multiple deployments as a combat surgeon with an East Coast–based SEAL Team. The author of three award-winning supernatural thrillers, The Traiteur’s Ring, The Donors, and Fade to Black, and the acclaimed faith-based thriller War Torn. He and his wife, Wendy, live in Southwest Florida with their four children.

About the narrator:
MacLeod Andrews is an Actor. Narrator of many books. Wyatt in They Look Like People. Currently the TV Whole Foods VO. Producer of a couple films. Chocolate chip cookie aficionado.

You can connect with MacLeod Andrews here:

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The weight of “a man left behind” was not lost on him. – Hong Kong Black by #AlexRyan @LexicalForge @JWilsonWarTorn @bAndrewsJWilson #Audiobook narrated by @MacLeodAndrews @BlackstoneAudio #AudiblePlus #NickFoley #TerrorismThriller #Thriller #ClosedDoorRomance

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The promise of discovery is what got her out of bed in the morning, not ladder climbing. – Hong Kong Black by #AlexRyan @LexicalForge @JWilsonWarTorn @bAndrewsJWilson #Audiobook narrated by @MacLeodAndrews @BlackstoneAudio #AudiblePlus #NickFoley #TerrorismThriller #Thriller #ClosedDoorRomance

Whether you’re waiting for salvation or waiting to die, five minutes is an eternity. – Hong Kong Black by #AlexRyan @LexicalForge @JWilsonWarTorn @bAndrewsJWilson #Audiobook narrated by @MacLeodAndrews @BlackstoneAudio #AudiblePlus #NickFoley #TerrorismThriller #Thriller #ClosedDoorRomance

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