Sons of Valor

The downside risk was almost always bigger than the upside payoff in Special Operations. And that was doubly true in the Tier One.

Brian Andrews & Jeffrey Wilson
Sons of Valor


Publisher’s Synopsis:

Navy SEAL Keith ”Chunk” Redman has been one of the military’s top doorkickers since the day he pinned on his trident: loyal, single-minded, lethal. Tasked to lead a new, covert team of Tier One SEALs—the most elite special operators in the world—Chunk needs help to stay a step ahead of its adversaries.

Brilliant at spotting patterns in the data that others miss, ex-CIA analyst Whitney Watts sees evidence of a troubling link between illicit Chinese arms sales and an attack on a US military convoy in Afghanistan. If she’s right, it would portend not only massive casualties, but a devastating threat to global stability.


From the ashes of a never-ending war, a new generation of terrorists has arisen: sophisticated, tech-savvy, and hiding in plain sight among America’s allies. Battered by the Taliban and by the West, they call themselves al Qadr—Power and Destiny—and they’re determined to wrest back control of their homeland. Armed with a powerful combat drone, they can strike with deadly precision at US forces in the region—but their ambitions reach far, far beyond that.


The new Tier One’s first mission will require them to not only prove themselves, but to stop an enemy who’s using military tactics against them. Chunk and his team aren’t just the tip of the spear; they’re America’s first, last, and best counterterrorism defense. And they couldn’t have arrived at a more urgent—and perilous—time.

Point of view:
3rd Person. Alternating perspectives, not by chapter but clearly defined.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Oh my gosh! I loved this! OK, backing up – if you don’t know, this is a spinoff from Andrews & Wilson’s Tier One series. Chunk participates in several ops in several of those books, but you could absolutely start here and not be lost. You could also go back & listen to those after this – though there is one major event that happens in book 1, Tier One that might lose it’s surprise/shock value, I still think you could enjoy that after this if you decide to go back. (pssstttt… if you enjoy this – you will love the Tier One series!)

Sons of Valor kicks off the Tier One Shared-World series with a bang! While it’s almost all new characters and they are completely unique – this contains all that I have come to love about Andrews & Wilson’s writing. Excellent pacing, engaging ops, characters – even antagonists – that I really feel connected to, competent but not perfect operators, smart & capable women, and a story that keeps me listening practically non-stop from beginning to end. (At just over 12 hours – I haven’t quite figured out how to listen in only one day, but I definitely feel frustrated any time I have to push pause.)

While SEAL Keith “Chunk” Redmond is the main character, I really enjoy that Whitney Watts get nearly as much focus. They make an excellent team and balance each other out in personality and talent. Secondary & tertiary characters are equally developed and losses from all sides are deeply felt. This is a full and complete story – but there is definitely an ongoing series arc established that has me eagerly anticipating what happens next.

Get the audio!!!!! I enjoy Andrews & Wilson’s writing, but Ray Porter continues to be phenomenal as a narrator elevating the experience even more. He seamlessly switches between accents, personalized voices, genders, etc. immersing the listener into what feels like a pristine full cast production. I can’t say enough about how much I love listening to his work.

Also… Ray Porter singing Baby Shark. Epic!

About the authors:
Brian Andrews is a US Navy veteran, Park Leadership Fellow, and former submarine officer with a psychology degree from Vanderbilt and a masters in business from Cornell University. He is the author of three critically acclaimed high-tech thrillers: Reset, The Infiltration Game, and The Calypso Directive.

Jeffrey Wilson has worked as an actor, firefighter, paramedic, jet pilot, and diving instructor, as well as a vascular and trauma surgeon. He served in the US Navy for fourteen years and made multiple deployments as a combat surgeon with an East Coast–based SEAL Team. The author of three award-winning supernatural thrillers, The Traiteur’s Ring, The Donors, and Fade to Black, and the acclaimed faith-based thriller War Torn. He and his wife, Wendy, live in Southwest Florida with their four children.

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My Favorite Quotes

Proof again that in the teams there are no secrets. – Sons of Valor @LexicalForge @JWilsonWarTorn @bAndrewsJWilson #Audiobook narrated by @Ray_Porter #TierOne #Military #SEALs #Thriller #Suspense #Action

Why don’t they just wear dark blue windbreakers with ‘Spooks’ stenciled on the back in bright yellow letters? – Sons of Valor @LexicalForge @JWilsonWarTorn @bAndrewsJWilson #Audiobook narrated by @Ray_Porter #TierOne #Military #SEALs #Thriller #Suspense #Action

No plan survives first contact with the enemy. – Sons of Valor @LexicalForge @JWilsonWarTorn @bAndrewsJWilson #Audiobook narrated by @Ray_Porter #TierOne #Military #SEALs #Thriller #Suspense #Action

But I’m not a SEAL and I have no aspirations of trying to become one. – Sons of Valor @LexicalForge @JWilsonWarTorn @bAndrewsJWilson #Audiobook narrated by @Ray_Porter #TierOne #Military #SEALs #Thriller #Suspense #Action

And just like that, with one cosmic flip of the coin, everything went to shit. – Sons of Valor @LexicalForge @JWilsonWarTorn @bAndrewsJWilson #Audiobook narrated by @Ray_Porter #TierOne #Military #SEALs #Thriller #Suspense #Action

The downside risk was almost always bigger than the upside payoff in Special Operations. And that was doubly true in the Tier One. – Sons of Valor @LexicalForge @JWilsonWarTorn @bAndrewsJWilson #Audiobook narrated by @Ray_Porter #TierOne #Military #SEALs #Thriller #Suspense #Action

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