The Highlander’s Gift

Bella was amiable, friendly, loving, but she was also a schemer and a fighter, he knew that firsthand.

Eliza Knight
The Highlander’s Gift


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Publisher’s Synopsis:
Sir Niall Oliphant was betrothed to the Bruce’s daughter, Princess Elizabeth, until she declares that his wound in battle has incapacitated him as a man. Because he does not wish to marry the spoiled royal, he is glad to pass her off to his brother Sir Walter. He’s more than content to fade into the background with his injuries and remain a bachelor forever. Until he is presented with an offer from the Earl of Sutherland to marry his only daughter, a lass more beautiful than any other, who makes him want to stand up and fight again. 

Bella Sutherland, daughter of one of the most powerful earls and Highland chieftains in Scotland, can marry anyone she wants – but she wants no one. When she spies the injured warrior at the Yule festival who has been shunned by the Bruce’s own daughter, she makes her choice. What is better than no husband? A husband who cannot truly be husband at all. But she won’t be satisfied with letting him languish. If there’s one thing she’s learned, its not to give up. With them both satisfied that they are gaining a marriage in name only, imagine their surprise when love blossoms and passion ignites?

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating POVs by chapter.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I’m sitting here with a goofy smile on my face – because this was such a fun listen. The Highlander’s Gift by Eliza Knight is the first book in the Sutherland Legacy series featuring the next generation from her Stolen Bride series. While I haven’t listened to that, I had no problems enjoying this.

I love that Knight gives us the Grumpy/Sunshine trope without making the hero, Niall, a jerk. He’s really just frustrated by his injury and his inability to live a life he thought he would. Bella is dealing with her own perceived shortcomings by living life her way and won’t be dragged into marriage for the sake of traditions. These two together compliment each other beautifully. I adored that Bella is Niall’s cheerleader in every way and that he encourages her unique personality. This is very low angst relationship-wise as most of the suspense/conflict comes from external sources. Bringing this couple even closer.

The end, while perhaps being slightly predictable is adorable and I can see myself listening to this again soon. Though… I have Strath & Eva’s book – The Highlander’s Stolen Bride – queued up for listening to next week.

I loved Antony Ferguson’s narration. Ferguson’s accents, voices, and inflections were perfect. He also has a fantastic voice for women & children. It really was an enjoyable listen.

About the author:
Eliza Knight is a USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author of sizzling historical romance. Under the name E. Knight, she pens riveting historical fiction. She runs the award-winning blog, History Undressed. When not reading, writing and researching, she likes to cuddle up in front of a warm fire with her own knight in shining armor.

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About the narrator:
AudioFile Earphones Award winner Antony Ferguson is a native of London, England. He is a classically trained actor and has appeared in numerous productions in London, Off-Broadway, and regional theater. As a voice actor, he has over fifty audiobooks to his credit and was recommended by the “All About Romance” Web site as one of the best male narrators at performing female characters. He lives in Los Angeles.

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My Favorite Quotes

If the good king decided to marry his daughter to another, Niall would drop to his knees and praise the Lord above for answering his prayers. – The Highlander’s Gift by @ElizaKnight #Audiobook narrated by Antony Ferguson #SutherlandLegacy #ScottishRomance #HistoricalRomance #GrumpySunshine #AudiblePlus

When a man is perceived to be less than he is, that is when he is in fact most valuable. – The Highlander’s Gift by @ElizaKnight #Audiobook narrated by Antony Ferguson #SutherlandLegacy #ScottishRomance #HistoricalRomance #GrumpySunshine #AudiblePlus

I bet if we tied his other arm behind his back, he’d still be able to kick their arses. – The Highlander’s Gift by @ElizaKnight #Audiobook narrated by Antony Ferguson #SutherlandLegacy #ScottishRomance #HistoricalRomance #GrumpySunshine #AudiblePlus

Bella was amiable, friendly, loving, but she was also a schemer and a fighter, he knew that firsthand. – The Highlander’s Gift by @ElizaKnight #Audiobook narrated by Antony Ferguson #SutherlandLegacy #ScottishRomance #HistoricalRomance #GrumpySunshine #AudiblePlus

This man, this true Niall right here in front of her, she loved him. Truly and deeply. – The Highlander’s Gift by @ElizaKnight #Audiobook narrated by Antony Ferguson #SutherlandLegacy #ScottishRomance #HistoricalRomance #GrumpySunshine #AudiblePlus

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