Scratched Off

Spotting a lottery ticket over on one of his work benches, he picked up the scalpel, perched on a stool, and gently scratched the surface with the dull side of the blade.

Julie C. Gilbert
Scratched Off

Audiobook, also borrowed the ebook via in Kindle Unlimited.

Publisher’s Synopsis:
Failure means more people die.   

“The Big One” could make Sam’s career or…break him. 

FBI Special Agent Samuel Kerman has been tasked to catch a wildly erratic serial killer dropping bodies in Pennsylvania state parks. The victims differ, and the manner of murder changes every time. Amid the mountains of physical evidence, only a mysterious gray dust and declarations of guilt or innocence link the crimes.  

It’s not much to work with, and the case drags on for months. Then, things go from bad to worse when the killer makes it personal. Family, friends, strangers…everybody’s in danger of being scratched off.

Point of view:
3rd person. Multiple perspectives, including that of the killer.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Scratched Off is a stand alone psychological thriller by Julie C. Gilbert. I’ll be honest, when Chapter 1 clearly stated who the serial killer was, by name, I was really worried that this wouldn’t be a mystery or very suspenseful. I was wrong. So, so, wrong.

Instead – regularly hearing Andrew’s thoughts and plans juxtaposed with the victims’ and other character’s in the story created an almost constant tension while listening. The closed door romance between Andrew’s sister, Melissa and FBI Agent Sam Kerman added another level of depth to the story – but in very unpredictable ways.

Like most good mystery/thriller books – it’s hard to share what I enjoyed about it without giving anything away. The most descriptive praise I can give is that it was full of surprises and I truly enjoyed listening from beginning to end. I’m looking forward to checking out more of Gilbert’s work.

Content Note: While the romance is closed door and there is no explicit language, this is a book about a serial killer and some of his killings and their aftermath are described in detail.

This was also my first experience listening to Rick Struve. He did a fantastic job with a variety of voices, personalities, and emotions. I felt completely drawn into Gilbert’s writing and truly enjoyed his performance.

Disclaimer note: I know we’re supposed to mention if we received an audiobook for free. For whatever reason, I didn’t make a note about where/why I picked this book (I’m getting better, but have been inconsistent in the past). I *think* it may have been a giveaway in a FB group. So… like everything else, this is my honest review whether or not I received it for free. I did borrow the ebook version via KU to make it easier to take notes.

About the author:
Julie is a high school chemistry teacher who writes in several genres. She enjoys warm weather, hot tea, sweet coffee, reading, writing, teaching, and audiobooks.

You can connect with Julie C. Gilbert here:

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Spotting a lottery ticket over on one of his work benches, he picked up the scalpel, perched on a stool, and gently scratched the surface with the dull side of the blade. – Scratched Off by @authorgilbert #Audiobook narrated by #RickStruve #PsychologicalThriller #Thriller #Mystery #Suspense #RomanticSuspsense #ClosedDoor #SerialKiller

I’m all for a high-tech plan, but when there’s a low-tech solution to a problem, I go with it. – Scratched Off by @authorgilbert #Audiobook narrated by #RickStruve #PsychologicalThriller #Thriller #Mystery #Suspense #RomanticSuspsense #ClosedDoor #SerialKiller

I know we just met, but I need you to do something that might be slightly illegal. – Scratched Off by @authorgilbert #Audiobook narrated by #RickStruve #PsychologicalThriller #Thriller #Mystery #Suspense #RomanticSuspsense #ClosedDoor #SerialKiller

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