Grumpy Fake Boyfriend

I asked Jeremy because I wanted him to suggest Will Stafford as my fake boyfriend, and that’s exactly what happened.

Jackie Lau
Grumpy Fake Boyfriend


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Meet Will Stafford…

I’m a pretty simple guy. When I’m not writing a science fiction novel, I’m watching a good movie or reading a book. Alone. I like my reclusive life. That is, until my only friend asks for a favor—pretend to be his baby sister’s boyfriend on a couples’ getaway. Her ex is going to be there and she needs me as a buffer.

I should have said no, but Naomi is bubbly, energetic, and beautiful. She also means everything to her brother. But now, our fake romance is starting to feel all too real, and I find myself stuck between the promise I made to my friend and risking my heart to the one woman who might actually get me…

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Will & Naomi’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I found Jackie Lau totally by accident (she commented on a tweet by another author I follow) and when I looked up her work – I had to read this! Yup, my second grumpy/sunshine trope of the week PLUS it checked my love of brother’s-best-friend/best-friend’s-sister as well.

This was a delightfully funny, easy to read, and sexy romance. Will & Naomi have known each other for almost 20 years, however they haven’t really spent a lot of time together so this is best enjoyed when in the mood for an insta love story. Set over an extended Canada Day weekend, I liked that Lau gave these characters plenty of conversations to get to know each other. Their quibbles & quips had me laughing out loud.

I wish that we’d learned a little more about Naomi and that she’d spent less time focused on her ex & his new girlfriend. That said, I like the way that Will was there to redirect her energy and thoughts so that she could enjoy the weekend with her friends. The ending was sweet (literally!) and I’m looking forward to more of Lau’s books.

About the author:
Jackie Lau decided she wanted to be a writer when she was in grade two, sometime between writing “The Heart That Got Lost” and “The Land of Shapes.” She later studied engineering and worked as a geophysicist before turning to writing romance novels.

Jackie lives in Toronto with her husband, and despite living in Canada her whole life, she hates winter. When she’s not writing, she enjoys gelato, gourmet donuts, cooking, hiking, and reading on the balcony when it’s raining.

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Fusion is pretty neat, and it would be the solution to everything. Sadly, it’s always fifty years away. – Grumpy Fake Boyfriend by @JackieLauBooks #RomanticComedy #GrumpySunshine #FakeBoyfriend #OppositesAttract #AsianRomCom

People who trash novels because they contain swear words confuse me. I don’t fucking understand them. – Grumpy Fake Boyfriend by @JackieLauBooks #RomanticComedy #GrumpySunshine #FakeBoyfriend #OppositesAttract #AsianRomCom

I asked Jeremy because I wanted him to suggest Will Stafford as my fake boyfriend, and that’s exactly what happened. – Grumpy Fake Boyfriend by @JackieLauBooks #RomanticComedy #GrumpySunshine #FakeBoyfriend #OppositesAttract #AsianRomCom

Sure, my fake boyfriend and I argue a lot, but with him, I never feel any pressure to be anything but who I am. – Grumpy Fake Boyfriend by @JackieLauBooks #RomanticComedy #GrumpySunshine #FakeBoyfriend #OppositesAttract #AsianRomCom

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