Sisters in Arms


Publisher’s Synopsis:
There are two sides to every story: yours and mine, ours and theirs, his and hers. Which means someone is always lying.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
DNF @ 36%, but kept skimming. Bummed because I really enjoy WWII historical fiction and was really looking forward to this.

I stopped multiple times to reread the description of this book because I think that’s where the biggest problem lies.

“For two northern women, learning to navigate their way through the segregated army may be tougher than boot camp.”

“Based on the true story of the 6888th Postal Battalion (the Six Triple Eight), Sisters in Arms explores the untold story of what life was like for the only all-Black, female U.S. battalion to be deployed overseas during World War II.”

This reads more like a YA interpersonal relationship drama with a WWII backdrop. Most of the “conflict” comes from Eliza’s dad and Grace’s mom being controlling parents trying to force their daughters into predetermined paths.

Then it’s heavy on Grace being incredibly immature and judgmental of everyone she meets, but especially of Eliza.

It took more than 20% of the book to even get to OCS.

At 36% it’s just entering week 2 of OCS.

50% Grace acknowledges she’s been judgy and she and Eliza decide to be real friends.

They don’t make it to England until 65% of the way through.

Despite the constant inner monologue to stop, Grace just keeps on sniping and judging. It’s exhausting to listen to and I finally gave up.

There’s nothing wrong with the premise being YA & more focus on the minutiae of the characters’ every day lives. It’s just not compelling the way it’s presented, not what I thought I was getting, and not what I was interested in reading.

I loved Shayna Small’s narration. She had a young voice that fit the main characters well while also giving older and male characters a distinct sound. I hope to listen to more of her work.

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